SICO Prestige

4.8 5 0 32 32 Sico Prestige stain blocking, super premium paint plus primer in one covers in fewer coats in more colours than any other interior Sico paint. Available in ultra-smooth flat, eggshell, pearl and semi-gloss sheens, it covers stains, and resists scrubbing and scuffs.
SICO Prestige


I thought this was a great product. I love the way it went on the walls with ease. I also love the color. I would recommend this product!
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Very satisfied
This one-coat paint was an absolute breeze to use. I loved the fact that it is a stain-blocking paint and primer in one, so it saves me so much time. The colour went in flawlessly. I very much enjoyed working with this paint, and will be most likely be purchasing it for future projects!
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Amazing paint
I absolutely love this paint! It was so easy to roll on. It covered both bear and prepainted walls so easily and smoothly. And it's great for my house with my kids because I do a lot of scrubbing and there's nowhere on my walls. The Piccadilly Circus is a beautiful color and a great accent to my home. So happy to have had this opportunity to test and review this paint
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Great product that stood up true to its name. Looked really good with just one coat on. Additionally putting on a second coat was fine and didnt change the colour or look.
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Amazing paint
This paint went on so smoothly while leaving great coverage with only one coat. It completely covered my old paint color in one coat. Beautiful colors and coverage
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Sico Quality to the Rescue
A very good product. It has; - great 1 coat coverage (done 2 coats) - goes on very smooth and even - very low splatter and drip when rolling and cutting - decent (near perfect) hiding ability from patches - low odor while painting and after drying (3 days after painting) - comparable if not better to other top competitors. If the price is right in store, I would purchase and use for all my home painting needs.
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Great paint for any interior space
This paint is easily one of the easiest paint to use. I really love using it. No offensive odour. There's not been any scratch since I have used it on my wall. Overall it's really a great paint. I will definitely purchase the paint and I will definitely recommend to family and friends.
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Piece of Prestige!!
This Sico Prestige paint was the easiest paint job I have ever done. The gallon can was so light. It was easy to open. Easy to pour. The color was a spot on match to the color chart swatch. The brush and the roller easily grabbed the paint. It made easy to apply to the walls. It covers up finger print, years of them and a non removable stain. A very low to not smell and dries soooo fast. Even in eggshell the walls can be washed and don't need a repaint. I love this Sico paint!
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So far so good!
Paint colour was amazing. Went on smooth and easy! Only needed one coat. Haven’t had a chance to really wipe my walls to see what happens with the paint yet! I would recommend this paint for sure! All the paint colours that I had the opportunity to choose from were Incredible!
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One coat promise
I absolutely love this paint! One coat!! It completely covered all the stains, from finger prints to I don't know what but it's all gone. Paint still intact and no prints. Woohoo! It dries so fast and no smell. The color even matched the brochure.The can is lighter than the old metal ones, good idea using plastic cans. Overall this Sico Prestige paint is #1.
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Amazing quality
I have tested this product and i was septic at first. However when I have applied it on my yellow wall I directly saw the difference. The paint is fresh and looks amazing. I had only to put two coats.
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Perfect paint and easy application
I used this for my accent wall paint project in my home theatre. The results were fabulous. The paint guides on smoothly and no extra steps were required. The colour was true to the sample and was very pigmented. I am satisfied with the quality and how it ended up looking. Gave my boring plain walls a fresh new modern look.
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Good coverage
I used this in an office that is regularly being messed up. Animals in the house and kids and we really needed to freshen it up. The paint was nice and thick and 2 coats covered perfectly. We had left the windows and doors open the day I painted and a few mosquitoes got in. Without thinking my husband smacked one on the wall and it made a big mess. It cleaned up perfectly and you wouldn't even know it hadn't just been painted. It wipes clean and looks just as fresh as when we painted. We are really happy with the outcome.
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Impressive paint
I found this pain to be really impressive. It had little to no odour, did not splatter, true colour, true one coat coverage.
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Good quality paint
I m impressed with how thick and how easy the paint glide on the wall. I didn’t put any primer nor much preparation before I paint. The paint was able to cover all the uneven spots as well as the dark spots on the wall. I am very happy with the outcome
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