Secret Cleansing Wipes Cool Waterlily Scent

4.8 5 0 26 26 Secret Cleansing Wipes are small, discreet, and portable enough for your on-the-go lifestyle. They remove odor-causing sweat and leave behind a light, fresh scent when showering isn’t an option. Secret Cleansing Wipes are perfect to keep in your purse, backpack, gym bag, clutch, or desk drawer for a discreet, instant burst of freshness whenever and wherever you need it. Use with Secret Fresh Invisible Solids, Freshies, Clear Gels, and Invisible Sprays for freshness in the morning, mid-day, and all night strong.
Secret Cleansing Wipes Cool Waterlily Scent


I really love the scent of these wipes, they leave me feeling fresh all day long. They are small and portable enough to carry with me everywhere I go. I also like the fact that the price is very reasonable compared to other products.
A avoir sur soie
Super pratique pour se rafraichir vite fait, sentent bon et n'ont pas irriter ma peau sensible. A avoir dans son sac a main.
Great little things
Love them use them all the time. Great refresher after work out or at work. Never leave home without them. Wish they would be a little bigger in size
Excellent for travelling
I love this product. I take a few wipes in each of my bags and car. I have sensitive skin, but so far this product has been amazing. I have recommended to my sisters and they also love i.
I think they work pretty well. They are packaged neatly. Bigger wipes than you'd expect. refreshing scent
Great for travel!
I find these great when we are going to stay overnight somewhere other than home or shower out! We brought them camping with us last year and they are awesome for the pool or splash pad too for quick wash downs!
Travellers go to
I pack back around the world and I always carry these guys with me! You never know what kind of situation you will get your self into. The only thing you know is you got your hygiene covered!
I always have some sort of wipes in my purse. I can be stuck for double shifts at work and but having theses wipes helps me feel refresh when I haven’t showered in 24hrs. I Will keep purchasing these wipes for now on. So glad I discovered this product a week ago.
Better then I thought
I really like the Secret wipes,they do what there suppose to do,the only thing is that I find them real small compared to my other wipes.
Love love LOVE this product. If I sweat I stink more than most people.. this has saved me more times that I can count lol.
Love them
They are a good thing to have in your car or if your in a rush and don’t have time to shower
Comfort and beautiful
I love love this product. They make me feel fresh, and comfortable with my body. I’ve used Secret all my life and I’m glad they came out with a body wipe that lasts all day.
Squeaky clean
I carry some in my purse for when I’m away from home . I have some in the office for cleaning my hands after lunch, going to the bathroom . When I’m out shopping cleaning the shopping carts
Secret Wipes
Great product does the job, scent is refreshing price is great
Best product
Took them to Europe backpacking also take them when I go camping I would recommend them highly

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