OLLY Hello Happy Tropical Zing Gummy Worm Supplement

4.6 5 0 21 21 Boost your mood with OLLY Hello Happy. These delicious OLLY Tropical Zing Gummy Worm vitamins deliver a delightful dose of cheer to help you feel upbeat. The star of the show? Highly prized saffron, coveted for its powerful mood-balancing properties. It’s expertly blended with vitamin D, a powerhouse packed with feel-good benefits.*
OLLY Hello Happy Tropical Zing Gummy Worm Supplement


Yummy Gummy’s
I have never been a fan of gummies in the past so for so many years I’ve walked right past any Vitamins that are gummied. While shopping awhile back my daughter told me I should buy & try Olly HAPPY GUMMY WORMS. She promised me I’d like them. She was right!! I enjoy their taste and don’t mind the “gummy” part of them at all!! I find myself laughing more, having more energy and all around with an improved outlook. Thanks OLLY!
Okay Vitamins
I tried several of the Olly gummy products and the Happy one is probably my least favourite, as I didn’t enjoy the shape of the gummy (snake-like) or that it was dusted in sugar. I didn’t really notice a huge difference between me taking them and not taking them, so I do wonder what, if any, effect they actually have. But you could probably say that about any vitamin and these ones did have a nice taste to them at an okay price point.
Tastes delicous
Unlike other gummy vitamins these actually taste like candy & not medicine. I look forward to taking my vitamins now that ive bought olly, im not the biggest fan of the price point for how many you get in a jar but they do taste great .
I have been struggling to get my supplements in lately as taking pills isn’t something I’m great at! These are great because they are so easy to take! They also help give me a boost to get through the afternoon!
Deliciously sweet
I don't usually comment about products I purchase but I have to tell you these gummies are the bomb. It's hard to stop at 1. I feel the spring in my step and the world seems brighter. Even seems to cheer up my 86 yr old grumpy grandpa.thank you olly.
Love these!
I am so picky when it comes to a good multi vitamin, or supplement. This one is by far my favourite out there. I’ve tried so many; and none stand a chance in comparison. The taste is so good, kids want to have their own, even my husband wants one every morning. Who doesn’t want a healthy gummy worm?
Tastes great & easy to remember
These taste like sweets! They're really good and make it easy to remember to take them! Can't speak on the affects but i know at least I'm doing what i can for my health! Good value for money as well.
Olly product are my go to for all vitamin needs. They make taking supplements fun and easy with their gummy format. I love the tropical taste of the Hello Happy gummies, and there is no after taste to deal with. I highly recommend all their products and will continue to purchase them for sure.
Easy to take
These taste great and you get the vitamins that you need at the same time. Recommend these for people who have issues taking the largest vitamines that are hard to take.
Comme des bonbons
C'est une façon super facile pour moi de prendre mes vitamines le matin! C'est comme avoir droit a sa dose quotidienne de bonbon! Le goût est vraiment bon et c'est super bon d'avoir son supplément de vitamine D au Canada!
A good product
We live in the North so taking Vitamin D once a day is a must. My kids love getting their daily dose of vitamin d in gummy worm form and the saffron is a great extra.
Yummy Gummies Tastes Good and Good For U
These gummies are great. They taste great and are good for you and get your daily vitamins that your body needs. Easy to just chew and pretend its candy. Highly recommended Olly vitamins.
Grandson loves it
Have used Olly products over the years. Top notch!
OLLY Hello Happy Tropical Zing Gummy Wor
If you're looking for a delightful way to boost your mood, the OLLY Hello Happy Tropical Zing Gummy Worm Supplement is definitely worth considering. These gummies not only taste great but also contain ingredients that aim to uplift your spirits. Having tried them myself, I can confidently share my thoughts on this product.Let's start with the flavor. The Tropical Zing taste is absolutely fantastic. The gummies have a refreshing and enjoyable tropical flavor that makes taking them a pleasant experience. Unlike many other supplements on the market that have a medicinal aftertaste, OLLY has managed to create a product that feels like a treat rather than a chore.One of the key ingredients in these gummies is saffron, a highly prized spice known for its mood-balancing properties. Saffron has been used for centuries to promote feelings of well-being and has gained recognition for its potential benefits.
Great taste
I have been eating these gummy for some time now they have a nice flavour plus keep me in a positive cheerful mood all day yummy plus full of vitamin d

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