Oikos Greek Yogurt Drink Banana Oats and Seeds 190ml

4.1 5 0 93 93 Finding time for nutritious food during a busy morning can be a challenge – that’s why Oikos created a delicious new Greek yogurt drink with banana, oats & seeds. Each single-serve bottle is packed with nourishing ingredients and 9g of protein, inspired by the pure pleasure of Mediterranean life.
Oikos Greek Yogurt Drink Banana Oats and Seeds 190ml


Too thick
I find this a bit too thick for my liking. I wouldn’t buy it again. Not for me
Not a hit at my home
Bought it with the health benefits (protein content) in mind especially for my older teens. I wanted them to have it in the mornings before they rush off. But neither me nor they liked it. The taste did not agree with us. The kids outright refused to have it anymore. So, its not coming back to our house.
Good for quick snack
These are a great option for a quick breakfast or snack. The flavor is good, I wasn’t a huge fan of the oats in it, but it didn’t bother me enough to not buy it again. It did fill me up and helped me save some time in the morning. Definitely worth having on hand when needing a quick snack.
quick and easy breakfast or snack option
I love smoothies and was so excited when I saw this in store. Oikos always makes really yummy yogurts that my family really enjoys, we also really like this specific flavor as its not too sweet and is perfect for in the morning or a lunch time snack. Overall I really love this product from Oikos and enjoy all their other products as well, I highly recommend you give them a try.
Get used to it
The product is good but you have to get used to the taste and the bits of oats that are in the products. But the flavor is good.
Quick breakfast!
These are so good in the morning as I can't eat large portions in the am. I personally enjoy the oats and seeds and feel they give me a bit more than yogurt alone, just needs to be shaken up before drinking. The apricot flavored one is delicious too!
J'aime beaucoup ce breuvage !
Délicieux, rafraîchissant et juste très bon au goût !! J'aimerais bien qu'ils le vendent en format plus grand. Texture homogène, bon petit breuvage pratique et à un prix assez correct aussi.
Not very good
Very chunky and thick. Not what I would grab for a quick breakfast.
Love all flavours. These are great for an on the go breakfast!
Oikos is yum
My fave Greek yogurt. Good snack to have to fill the belly.
Love these
Great flavour. Only downfall is that the portion size is too small. They should make a larger size bottle
Delicious and healthy
This is so delicious and healthy. Love all the flavours. Try it and see for yourself.
Oikos, our favourite brand
Oikos our only yogurt brand is now offered in a drink version. Smooth, creamy and delicious, definitely our go to drinkable yogurt! Try it, you won’t be sorry!
Try this drink!!
This drink is very good, and it gives you energy as well ,I love it..
Oikos Super Drink
I've enjoyed this product each time I buy a different flavor because they are tasty, light & can drink it any time of day or, on the road. No improvements are needed & I do recommend this product.

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