Nature's Nut Smooth Organic Peanut Butter

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Nature's Nut Smooth Organic Peanut Butter


Great PB
I used to use a peanut butter with a bunch of additives but then switched to this product about 5 years ago and have never looked back. Everything I have this in, or on is definitely better! I love the fact it is just simply peanuts, no added sugars. My daughter loves this as well! Definite hit in my family .
Very good
Has a very good peanut taste. Love this in my smoothie.
Satisfying and tasty
I love this organic peanut butter. It tastes peanuty and it is nice and smooth. You actually taste the peanuts and it is organic which make it a good choice overall. I prefer this brand to other organic peanut butter.
I tried it but it does not have same taste. My husband said he really liked it, so maybe just me
Nature's Nut Smooth Organic Peanut Butter Makes me feel good about our peanut butter choices considering anytime you turn the jar of peanut butter usually there’s a whole host of ingredients. With this product there’s only one ingredient peanuts. All you need to do is stir it before each use and you have delicious peanut butter. Would highly recommend.
Better for me
I love the taste and the better for me ingredients I have been trying to cut out as much additives from what I eat and this is much better for me that some of the other products out there.
Parfait pre workout
Je mange ce beurre de peanut sur deux toasts avant mes entraînements lorsque je n’ai pas eu le temps de prendre un repas, ce qui m’assure un certain boost durant l’entraînement en plus d’ingérer des nutriments de qualité!
Très bon beurre de peanut, il est très soyeux et beaucoup moins sucré que la marque populaire. Je recommande.
So good
I will never eat normal peanut butter again after trying this
Good quality products!
I’m a huge fan of this spread! I’m so happy that there are peanut butter alternatives out there for everyone to enjoy. It has the same consistency of peanut butter although the taste is slightly different. The only downside would be that it is quite a bit more costly than your typical peanut butter product, but well worth it! Enjoy!
Great Organic Peanut Butter
We love this organic peanut butter in our house. I switched to eating organic about a year ago because they put too many fillers and preservatives in regular products nowadays and I must say this is the best organic peanut butter I have tried. It's got great flavor and it's wholesome and good for you.
This is my husbands favorite . He tried different peanut butters, but after trying this one, he never buys any other brands of peanut butters
Love this product
peanut butter is a staple in my kitchen, we prefer the organic one and this brand has great texture and taste
No funny aroma .it has a nut smell that is attractive.No sticky feeling on him or remains same doesn't produce oil at the top.Also contains less preservatives.You can get this at Walmart.
Excellent ehalthy option
As a fitness enthusiastic, I found this peanut butter an amazing healthy option. It tastes great and has naturally sweet tasting peanut butter. Would highly recommend for someone who wants a healthier peanut butter.

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