Munchkin Warm Glow™ Wipe Warmer

4.3 5 0 46 46 Do ice-cold wipes trigger unhappy cries during diaper changes? The Warm Glow Wipe Warmer by Munchkin will soothe baby’s bottom and warm mom’s heart. Help make diaper changing more enjoyable for your little one with the comfort of a warm wipe. This convenient wipe warming system stores up to 100 standard baby wipes and dispenses them conveniently from a flip-top lid.
Munchkin Warm Glow™ Wipe Warmer


Loved it!’
I honestly loved having a wipe warmer when my daughter was a baby. It kept them a perfect temp that she didn’t hate her butt bring changed at night time. It also kept them moist.
Very useful
literally, it is a necessary thing, especially on winter nights, when changing a diaper can completely wake up your child. It is convenient to use, it warms the wipes well.definitely recommend to all new parents
Change of heart
This is one of those items I deemed "unnecessary" before I had my baby, but was gifted one. Now that I have it, I love it! Baby fussed much less when using warm wipes. I also find that it keeps the wipes more moist (instead of drying out) from the condensation from the heat.
Was a necessity for us
When my son was born, he always peed on me when I used a cold wipe. It NEVER failed. I got one of these and he literally never peed on my again during diaper change. You just have to make sure theres enough water in the reservoir otherwise it will dry out the wipes.
It takes forever to warm
I really don’t like it. It takes forever to warm up the wipes. I wish they have on and off option instead of plug in plug out. It could be better if they add curtain features
Amazing for winter babies
As a first time mom to a baby that was born in the middle of winter The wipe warmer is a fantastic product! It keeps wipes at a perfect temperature, making diaper changes more comfortable for my baby. The design is user-friendly and it works efficiently. Highly recommend for any parent!
When I saw this in the store, I knew I had to get it for my little ones. I don't think there could be anything worse than wiping your own bum with a freezing-cold wipe or whatever it might be so why put our little ones through that? This is the perfect HAVE-TO-HAVE IT item on your baby shower list or even your shopping list. Your little ones are not looking at you funny because you are wiping their poop, but rather wondering why you are making their bums colder than it already is with their diapers off and have an ice-cold wipe in your hand to boot. This is so convenient, easy to use, and your little one will fix that look of confusion when they realize you have used a warmer wipe on their sensitive, little bottom. All you do is put your favourite pack of baby wipes in the wipe warmer machine and there you go. It is easy-peazy. Trust me when I say, your baby will thank you for it later on. :) AND!! In some machines we can put our makeup remover wipes in them also. It's a BONUS!!
Your companion during cold nights
My baby loves to be pampered while changing her diapers and cleaning the mess with this perfect product for warmer lint the wipes. It is the perfect ally for parents with little babies!!! 1000% recomended
J'adore ce chauffe-lingette! Les lingettes sont toujours chaudes (bien tempéré pour la petite peau des bébés) et plus aucun pleurs dû à des serviettes froides, car les lingettes sortant directement de l'emballage sont souvent froides. Nous avons même acheté un 2e chauffe-lingettes pour la 2e station de changement de couches! Le chauffe-lingettes à même une petite lumière qui sert de veillesse la nuit. Nous l'avons depuis presque 2 ans et nous sommes toujours très satisfait. Je recommande fortement ce produit et cette marque que nous adorons pour plusieurs articles de bébés et enfants!
ma fille aime bien que les lingettes sois chaude mais le seul default c'est que les lingettes son difficile à sortir surtout quand il en reste plus beaucoup
Baby will appreciate it!
My baby appreciates the warm wipes, particularly in the middle of the night. My husband thought the purchase was a waste but quickly changed his mind for this reason. However, at a foundational level the product doesn’t allow the wipes to easily come out the top of the container, the wipes stick together so I have to open the box every time. It doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to but at this price point it’s not a regret. They will need to improve the product’s functionality.
Not worth it
This eventually dries out the wipes and they become useless. The opening to retrieve wipes will eventually fold inwards and remain open and cannot be fixed. Additionally, it always has to remain plugged in to keep wipes warm.
Good Wipes Warmer
This is a good wipes warmer and something I find to be a necessity for a newborn. I have been using this since my daughter was born, and now she is a toddler (still wearing diapers), and we continue to use this. There is a light on the front of the warmer, which is an added bonus, as you may change your baby/toddler in the dark at night. The only issue I have with this wipes warmer is that the top sheet always gets dry.
Great way to keep warm
Used this for my daughter when she was a baby. Loved the functionality of the warmer left the wipes just the right temperature. Sometimes if the wipes are not to wet you needed to ass extra water to the container
Warm and soft
I've tried this amazing wipes warmer for my baby, and I wish I had this with all my other 6 children! It is the best! I felt so sorry wiping my girl with cold sometimes freezing wipes, and this warmer kept my babies wipes so warm and soft and my baby loved it!

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