Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Interactive 8’ Plush

4.1 5 0 58 58 Real Magic Returns when you cast your spell and create a fortune telling pet inside the Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball! Create your very own fortune-telling Magic Mixie by performing the Creation Spell using your light-up interactive magic wand. Be amazed as your Crystal Ball magically responds to your wand’s movements!
Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Interactive 8’ Plush


Is this Magic?
An expensive toy that takes up space and gives you another plush toy to add to your kid's collection.
Potion magic
J'avais acheter ceci pour la fête de mon enfant et celle de ma nièce et elle l'ont adoré elle ont jouer avec pendant 1 semaine moi je n'ai rien a redire sur ce jouet car ils ont aimé jouer avec pendant des heure et des jours j'ai adoré leur réactions !! Donc je valide ce jouet pour enfant !!!!! j'adore !
Kids loved it
Purchased a few for my nieces for Christmas as they were the new “it toy” and they really wanted it. They really enjoyed it for the most part. Only negative was they are pretty pricy and that there was only one spell included with it. Otherwise they enjoyed the experience.
It is an interactive experience for children involving in spells and reveals. The Magic Mixies Cauldron follows a seven-step spell process to create a Mixie, with prompts and interactive elements. It includes ingredients like sound dust and a crystal gem, making the experience feel magical. The Cauldron can be reset for repeated play, although it requires adult supervision due to the complexity. My daughter loves the toy.
Neat concept
Like the interactive capabilities but have to buy a refill kit to enjoy it more than once
So much fun
My nieces and I played for hours. This toy is so much fun and brings joy and laughter.
Very cute
My daughter got one for xmas. Its super cute. The instrutions are easy enough to read, but my daughter needed help with the steps, but once she dod it witj helpp she knew what to do. Downfall is that the smoke is kind of smelly, but there is an option for no fog. Another downfall is that it came with only 1 spell. Bit you can buy extra spells at walmart
Would not recommend
My daughters love magic mixies and we’re excited to try this! The instructions were well written, but the smell of the smoke was very strong. They only tried it once, and it was put aside since. Since it was expensive and only used once, I would not recommend.
Enchanting Playtime
The Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Interactive 8' Plush is a magical delight that captivates children's imaginations with its interactive features and adorable design. This enchanting plush toy brings a sense of wonder to playtime as kids engage with its various interactive elements, including spells, lights, and sounds. The plush itself is incredibly soft and cuddly, making it perfect for snuggling up with during quiet moments. With its mystical charm and engaging activities, the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron provides hours of imaginative fun for young ones. It's a must-have for any child who loves to explore the world of magic and fantasy.
My kid loves it
The Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Interactive 8' Plush is my child's new favorite toy. This adorable and well-made plush offers hours of interactive play with lights, sounds, and movement. It sparks creativity and imagination, and the plush itself is soft and cuddly. Highly recommended for parents looking for a fun and engaging toy for their child.
It's okay
The Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron Interactive 8’ Plush is a fun and engaging toy, but it may not hold the attention of kids for extended periods. Initially, it's captivating with its interactive features and cute design, allowing kids to create magical potions. However, the novelty wears off quickly, and some kids may grow bored with it after a while. Despite this, the plush is well-made, soft, and offers imaginative play opportunities, making it a decent choice for younger children.
A fun interactive toy!
We purchased this for my daughter, we were pleasantly surprised with display and the plushie! She really enjoyed the entire process! She would definitely reccomend to her friends and I would reccomend to other parents as well.
09-04-2024 garbage 9
It was fun to watch the kids excitement, until the toy popped before the potion was finished and got soaking wet in the solution. Then they were upset that it couldn't be redone. Alot of umph and very little pizzazz. Would not recommend.
Kids loved it
Super interactive and fun to watch. They love their little stuffed animal too.
bought this for my granddaughter. she got very excited when she made it ,wished she could do it more than once . if it cost less i could buy more but who needs that many crystal balls

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