Gillette Venus for Pubic Hair and Skin Women's Razor Handle + 3 Blade Refills

4.6 5 0 69 69 Venus’s pubic hair and skin blades are specifically designed to help protect pubic skin from shave irritation. They have a patented Irritation Defense Bar and optimally spaced blades that allow the blades to cut hair while barely touching the skin. Also, the razor refills come equipped with a precision trimmer on the back of the blades to help with tricky areas.
Gillette Venus for Pubic Hair and Skin Women's Razor Handle + 3 Blade Refills


Great shave
Love this razor works well no cuts or nicks its a great product .
Well it works
My experience with this razor is work great for 25% of the job then blades get Dallas and pull hair but if you change blades haft way you get a really smooth shave and skin is very soft to
Love It
I love how silky smooth my legs are now. I have thick course hair and usually get skin irritation after shaving, but this has been a game changer
Favourite razor
Love these razors so much! Product is true to what it says. When paired with the shaving lotion it shaves very clean, no knicks and blade lasts
Good product
I usually get razor burn really bad especially under my armpits so I decided to try Gillette Venus for Pubic Hair and Skin. The razor glides very smoothly over my skin and I didn't get as irritated as I normally do with other razors but I recommend using an aftershave product still to avoid any irritation. Overall, it's a great product except the refill cartridges can be a little pricey.
Best thing ever!!!
I’m so happy I bought this!! I’ve had such bad issues with razors and this is just the best one o have found
Could need some tweaks
3-Star Review: I tried Venus's pubic hair and skin blades with moderate expectations. The patented Irritation Defense Bar and spaced blades did help reduce shave irritation, but I still experienced some discomfort. The precision trimmer on the refill was handy for tricky areas, though. While it's a decent option, it didn't completely eliminate irritation for me, hence the three stars.
This us a really good razor if you have scars around your pubic area. I have scars and it never cut me smooth ride over
Love it!!
Overall I love this razor, however I find it to be costly when needing to purchase refill blades. I have found a different brand of razor that I am liking also, and the cartridges are significantly cheaper than this brand. If the price were to decrease for this, I would probably continue using this razor.
The OG
The smoothest shave you’ll ever have will start with this razor. No bumps, no hairs left behind! Perfect handle and glides beautifully
Smooth, clean shave
For those with sensitive spots, the razor is for you. It does not cause a rash after usage. Be careful not to cut your skin since the blades can be very sharp. It is quite comfortable to use and you will receive little to no irritation. You have the ability to shave from multiple angles. It is a smoother cut than other brands but not as smooth as other Venus razors. These razors tend to last a longer period of time before replacing the blades. Ideally, this would be more budget-friendly in the long run. The only concern I have is the compatibility to other Venus razor handles and the ability to re-fill when the blades become dull. The razor works as intended. It targets all of the fine little hairs without cutting your delicate skin. I highly recommend this razor for sensitive skin.
Best razor for bikini area!
This is the best razor I’ve ever used for bikini area! It cuts close but doesn’t cut you. With the trimmer side of the razor, you can do quick touch ups without using the blades so the razor blades actually last longer. It’s worth the extra cost of the blades because it does a MUCH better job.
100% recommend
Love this product. Removes hair and leaves my skin smooth with no ravor burn. No pulling when shaving, sleek design, comfortable to hold, and works amazingly paired the cleanser + shaving gel.
LOVE IT !!!!
I love this razor, I am very sensitive when it comes to shaving and get razor burn usually bit I didn’t get any from this razor.I will definitely be buying this again and will be trying all the creams and lotions that go with it.
As smooth as a Venus
I had laser hair removal procedure about ten years ago, my legs started growing hair back after turning 45 and my skin became very sensitive because I hadn’t shaved in over a decade. This is the ONLY razor that not only doesn’t irritate my skin but also leaves it moistures! Totally recommend!

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