Gay Lea Foods Salted Butter Convenient Sticks

4.9 5 0 75 75 You can trust Gay Lea Butter. After all it's made with only two ingredients - cream and salt. Pure and preservative-free, it's a delicious addition to the food you make. Use it when you cook, bake, or fry, or spread it over crunchy vegetables.
Gay Lea Foods Salted Butter Convenient Sticks


Effortless Cooking
Gay Lea Foods Salted Butter Convenient Sticks bring ease and precision to your kitchen with perfectly portioned, high-quality butter. Made from pure, fresh cream, these salted butter sticks provide rich, creamy flavor to enhance all your cooking and baking endeavors. The pre-measured sticks are designed for effortless use, ensuring you get just the right amount of butter every time without the hassle of measuring and cutting. Whether you're spreading it on toast, melting it for sautéing, or baking your favorite treats, Gay Lea Foods Salted Butter Convenient Sticks offer consistent quality and taste, making them an indispensable staple in your kitchen. Enjoy the convenience and premium flavor that elevate your culinary creations with every use.
One of my go-to butters!
Have always loved Gay Lea butter and this is the one I use for baking as the sticks make it super easy to measure out how much I need for cakes and cookies. Fresh and tasty!
Gay Lea butter is pretty expensive
Gay Lea Butter Salted 454g is pretty good butter, but is heavy on the salt and is very expensive to buy in store; you used to be able to get this size for about $3 but now (just a few years later) it's regular $8/stick. I would also like to see them promote the unsalted more in store as it's hard to find.
Real butter
I’m used to the “fake” butters out there. This butter is above and beyond my expectations. Never going back!! I’ll stick with the real deal
So convenient!
This is a perfect butter when you need to portion out pieces for recipes. I don't know why this hasn't been thought of before. Big blocks are always so awkward and messy to cut. This solves the solution.
Creamy delicious
Very good butter was so creamy and tasted good. I prefer the unsalted butter. This will be my better of choice as they sell it at the grocery store I shop at. Yes I would recommend this butter.
One of the better butters
While it is more expensive than others, it is one of the best. I try to buy it when it is on sale and put it in the freezer. I use it in baking for Christmas. The individual 1/2 c. sticks make it easy for making sure you have the right quantity in the recipe.
Can't beat butter
Gay Lea butter has a fantastic taste and usually the one I can find at the best price.
Love it
I use different brands before but I like it much better. It gives very good taste to foods and pastries. And I like it on the bread with jam.
Taste great reasonable price
Performs as expected, tastes great and reasonably priced.
Easy to Use
I liked using the GayLea butter sticks. It was way easier to measure out amounts for baking and you only need to set out a stick or two to warm before use. It makes life so much easier.
Gay Lea Butter
Gay Lea is my favourite brand for butter. I normally get unsalted but when salted is on sale I'll pick it up. Gay Lea also makes the best Sour Cream.
Real creamy butter!
I started buying Gay Lea butter when it went on sale. OMG, so good and creamy when it is at room temperature. I love how it is only 2 ingredients and so healthy for you. It's going to be my main staple in our house hold because the quality is great, and if you can get it on sale it is even better!
Already a fan of Gay Lea butter, but I have to say I really like the convenience of the smaller sticks, especially in the summer or when baking.
Love the convenient sticks!
This is a delightful butter! I prefer these convenient sticks to the regular brick of butter. I always stock up on these sticks when I see them on sale and throw them in my freezer so I never run out. You never know when the mood hits you to bake or when you need butter for a meal you are making. These sticks defrost quickly from the freezer and taste just as great as when you use them fresh.

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