Fruit By The Foot by Betty Crocker Gluten Free Variety Pack

4.5 5 0 45 45 Kids enjoy endless fun with Fruit by the Foot and the creative ways they eat it. Full of fun and flavour that goes on and on, every experience promises to be an adventure. Let the fun begin and unroll the great fruity taste today.
Fruit By The Foot by Betty Crocker Gluten Free Variety Pack


Kids love these
This is a great sweet snack for your kids lunch or just at home, we love buying these almost every week.
Yummy treat
I wished I had these packed in my lunch as a kid. I was so envious of my friends who had them. They are a great treat every so often. I love that there are different flavors.
I have been buying this product for years now. It has always been a big hit with my kids. It's full of flavor. It's fun. My kids do races who can finish it first. I also use it in my loot bags for parties. It's always a big hit with all kids. And of course us adults. I won't deny I sneak one here and there but shhhhh dont tell my kids.
Best snack out there!
I've been buying this product since my kids were in primary school. They are parents now. And now I'm buying them for my grandchildren now. Amazing product. Not only good to eat but also a food that they can play with too.
So good!
I LOVE these things, always have. I know they are definitely not good for you and have synthetic dyes and flavors in them, but its only a "once in a while" that I do not disclose to my children that I have in the house because I want to keep them all to myself.
Les enfants adorent!
La collation-dessert préféré des enfants! Cela s'apporte à merveille partout où nous allons. Une boîte passe rapidement.
My Favourite Childhood Snack!
Fruit by The Foot was my favourite part of lunch time in elementary and they’re still as sweet and fun to eat as they were then. I buy them now as a treat for myself at lunch at work!
My son loves Fruit by the foot
Every time we go to the grocery store my son wants us to buy Fruit by the Foot cuz he absolutely loves them and he loves all the colors. I ate these when I was younger they taste amazing!!
thought they were cool as a kid...
These used to be more natural and way more tasty (when I was a kid in the 90s) but now they are pure sugar and do not taste anything like the flavours they are supposed to. I would not buy again.
So good
I still eat this and they're still very, very good and I can eat like 5 and once and that's how delicious they are.
Great Nostelgic snack
Perfect snack for on the go families or busy people! I love bringing these snacks to work with me when I only have a 15 minute break. These are a perfect idea for any of those times. I recommen this product to anyone who loves sugary snacks.
A favourite in our household
I have a treat jar for the grandkids when they come to visit. When I have these in there it is the first thing to be taken. When I don't have them my 6 year old granddaughter asked me for some and I explained I didn't have any and she told me I should go to the store and get more! lol They love unrolling these and sometimes (even though they know they shouldn't) they play with them as they are eating them. We usually get the big variety pack as the kids will want them every time they are here!
Love these
Loved this as a kid and still wvey now and then enjoy them but my kids absolutely love them!
Bon gout
Les enfants en raffolent et bon goût de fruits. Une collation parfaite
So artificial
The tastes and colouring of the product were unappealing. I know kids are supposed to find these fun but I won’t buy again after seeing the food colouring stain tongues. There is also a weird sensation (I want to say aftertaste but it’s more of a physical sensation) in my throat after eating it. Like a soreness and swelling/irritation. Not sure if it’s due to the food colouring or added flavours.

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