EveryDrop® Value Refrigerator Water Filter G1

4.4 5 0 40 40 NSF certified to reduce lead, chlorine taste, and odour, everydrop® value filters offer convenient, filtered water for you and your family. For the cleanest water, replace your everydrop® value filter every 6 months (or 300 gallons/1135.6L). everydrop® value Ice & Water Refrigerator Filter G1 compares to GE MWF.
EveryDrop® Value Refrigerator Water Filter G1


Refrigerator water filter refills
I know it's the big difference in the taste of water which I drank during this test and it was amazing realizing how much of a difference that this water filter cartridge filtered out all the bad stuff in the water to give it such a perfect taste. I givr it two thumbs up and defintely woyld recommend this product to anyone with a water dispenser built into their refrigerator. Its most definitely worth every cent thst it costs and some for sure and without a doubt. I would purchase it again without any hesitations. I have never in my whole life had water which tastes as good as good as it does through my water dispenser in my refrigerator. Folks dont knock it until you try for yourself because i can guarantee anyone antime on any day that this will bebthe best water you will ever drink and you wil never get enough as you eill be back at the refridgerator for more as soon as your cup is empty.
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Fresh Water
Compact package making it environmentally friendly as there was no unnecessary or excessive packaging. Easy to Install. Instructions were clear. Water tasted good!
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Fantastic filter
This filter made my water very fresh tasting compared to my last filter. There was no flavour left behind at all which is amazing.
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Water filter
I found this water to be just as good as the name brand water filter for my fridge. The water pressure was good. The water tasted great with this filter. The ice was clear and tasted good.
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Good filter
Good replacement filter for my GE fridge.
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Great tasting
I Can’t believe the difference when using this water filter the water taste great and refreshing with no aftertaste It was easy to insert just peel the seal and it pops right in ,works right away with no hassle this is will my new brand the price is very reasonable and well worth the money
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Easy to install and works as designed
Surprisingly easy to install. I expected more work on my end. After installation, water was clear and tasted better than with the older filter. I think I noticed an improved water flow as well. Overall, I would recommend this product to friends and family.
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Difficult to install.
My son & I both struggled to get the filter. I have never had problems with other aftermarket filters. Once my husband got it in, all was good. Water tastes good and have no complaints there.
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We got a new fridge from the brick and this filter did not fit our fridge so we still have the filter and it wont fit our fridge so we cannot leave a review on the product.
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Overall I found the ordering process really easy and it was simple to install when it came in. The water tastes fresh and refreshing. I also like that it didn't come with too much packaging waste. I would definitely recommend this to my family and friends.
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Works fantastic, crystal clear
Great filter you can really taste the difference. I was happy to try it and I'll be purchasing when this one needs to be changed. Easy to install, instructions are good
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Everyday Value Fridge water filter
I M very pleased with the water filter we have very hard water where we live and had to install a water softener to reduce the hardness of the water. I found that with the fridge filter it removes any bit of the salt taste and the calcium from the water. However that being said the filter in my fridge is in the top back corner so when my husband installed the filter it was an extremely tight fit and a little bit difficult to install.
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Great product
This filter was easy to install and I noticed an immediate difference in the flow of water. The water tastes great and I'm very happy with this product. Also the price was better than the other filter we were previously using.
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5 stars!!!!!
Great tasting water! When trying this filter we didn't use any purchased bottles of water. So not only do we save money we cut down on our recycling output. The taste was very comparable to bottled water. We will keep up withyhis product.
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Fresh Tasting Water
The EveryDrop® Value Refrigerator Water Filter G1 for my GE refrigerator was easy to install and the water tastes cleaner and fresher. The water flow was good as well. I would buy this product again. Thank you #HomeTesterClubFreeSample
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