Diaper Genie Signature Pail

4.6 5 0 90 90 Keep your nursery fresh! The new Diaper Genie Signature pail has odour-locking clamps that help to prevent odours from escaping. The pail also has a foot pedal for hands-free operation. The wide disposal opening is convenient. The pail holds up to 47 newborn diapers. The pail includes a long-lasting refill that can last up to 5 months or holds up to 846 newborn diapers.
Diaper Genie Signature Pail


Time saver
The diaper genie is a definite time saver without the worry of stinking up your house or having to stop and go out to take the garbage out every few hours. Freeing up your time to complete the multitude of other tasks that is required of you. This product is especially handy for the first time parent or for a single parent! It’s easy to change the bags, easy to empty, overall just easy to use. It does keep the odor locked in, except when there is a few diapers in it, it does smell when you open it. I did change it every other day. I do still recommend a diaper genie as it makes dealing with diapers so much easier.
No smell
I like this diaper genie. It is easy to use. I like the foot pedal to open. I really like that there are no odours.
Previously a skeptic, now a must-have
While I initially thought this product was just another one of those unnecessary items that baby registries and stores push on expecting parents, my mind has been totally changed after receiving one of these and giving it a go. This has dramatically reduced the volume of trash that our household produces. In effectively compacting a large number of diapers down into a small package, we're no longer worrying about making sure we don't exceed our municipally-imposed limit on biweekly garbage for collection. It also helps that it has a filter as well, to help contain the odours that inevitably come with piling up a bunch of used diapers at a time. While the refills can be a little pricy, I'm fine with that knowing that this is only something that we'll have to shell out for, for a limited time.
When planning our nursery, I really wanted a diaper genie. We grabbed this one on sale, and honestly I don’t love it. We’ve been using it for a year and a half, and I don’t understand the hype. The bags are kind of gross, because you get a waft of poo air when you tie the old bag. I also don’t like the little blade on the inside to cut the bag. It feels like you really have to forcefully cut it instead of it cutting easily. The front handle also regularly breaks off, and it just feels cheap. I think there are better products on the market that cost less.
Empty regularly
This product is pretty much essential with infants at home. You must be sure to push the diaper down to the bottom of the pail so the spring loaded mechanism fully closes and contains smell. When pulling a new length of refill after emptying, make sure you double knot the end as a precaution. And lastly; do not let it get too full! If it fills to the point where the spring loaded doors up top don't close you will smell it!
Not useful to
They are very handy, but once full, the smell is an absolute nightmare.
A must for those with babies
This product is one of the best baby gifts I received. It kept dirty diapers and wipes in one spot and ensured there was no smell left over. Unfortunately, it did not last long for me. I had to buy one twice after receiving it as a present as the product broke on me each time. Even though they broke, I had to buy them again as without it, the smell of the diapers was horrible.
Good Product but it can be better
I am using this diaper genie for my two kids. Long lasting and can hold the diapers very well. Only concern is it can not stop smell and upper structure is not so sturdy. It keeps coming off often and quite difficult to put together. It is useful but comes with few drawbacks, still recommended.
Decent product for new parents
I had one of these when I had my first daughter and it was a decent product for me as a first time parent. My only complaint would be the sometimes you really have to push down especially full diapers which can end in a mess. Unfortunate! Also the refills for the liners are very expensive.
Great for diapers
The diaper genie is a great way to dispose of diapers without having to go outside every hour! It’s easy to change the bags, easy to empty, overall just easy to use. It does keep the odor locked in, but when it has a few diapers in it, it does smell when you open it. I don’t cram the diapers in, we change it every other day. I use an odor blocker in the bottom which definitely helps. I do recommend a diaper genie as it makes dealing with diapers muuuuch easier.
Very easy to use!
I have this genie and the original genie. This one is so much easier to use! Bags are pre measured and the spot to put the diapers is wider and easier to get the diaper in. And it’s much easy to change!
This should have always been around
Diaper genies are magical. I wish they existed years ago! They truly do keep the stink away, and they are easy to use one handed with the pedal and your foot. This is an item that every new mom should have. Baby shower gift for sure!!
Amazing but wobbly
I really like diaper genie the quality is on point. I decided to upgrade to this newer one. I really love it, but when I step on the floor lever the entire genie leans towards me; which I don’t like. I like the thing overall though so I use it.
Diaper pail
This diaper pail works really well to control the odour as long as you don’t fill it too close to the top. Maybe make it so it cannot be crammed to the top
Love it!
Must have when you have a baby! Really love this product.

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