DAVIDsTEA David’s Top Teas Sampler Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set Assortment of 12 Fan Favourite Teas

4.5 5 0 84 84 When only the best will do, turn to this collection of our twelve most popular teas. It’s got a certified crowd-pleaser for every taste and every occasion, all packed in a beautiful teal box that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Includes Buddha's Blend, Cinnamon Rooibos Chai, Cold 911, Cream of Earl Grey, David's Breakfast Blend, Forever Nuts, Japanese Sencha, Just Peachy, S'mores Chai, Super Ginger, Valerian Nights and Vanilla Cappuccino. It’s a can’t miss.
DAVIDsTEA David’s Top Teas Sampler Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set Assortment of 12 Fan Favourite Teas


A Tea Lover's Dream: DAVIDsTEA David’s
As an avid tea enthusiast, the DAVIDsTEA David’s Top Teas Sampler has proven to be a delightful journey through a curated selection of twelve fan-favorite teas. This thoughtfully crafted assortment offers a diverse range of flavors, ensuring there's something for every tea palate. One of the standout features of this sampler is the variety it provides. From soothing herbal blends to robust black teas and refreshing green teas, the collection covers the spectrum of tea experiences. Each tea is individually packaged in resealable pouches, preserving the freshness of the loose leaves and allowing for easy storage. The quality of the loose leaf teas is exceptional. The leaves are whole and fragrant,
David's top teas
This is one of my favorite david's teas products as you can have a sample of different tea flavors. It is a great option for a gift and to discover which is your favorite tea to buy more of it in the future.
David's Tea strikes again
This is a great gift idea for someone that is starting to have interest in teas, of for someone that you don't know THAT well but you still know they enjoy tea. If you already know what you like, I wouldn't recommend it, because it is a variety pack and you won't necessarily like/drink the hole thing!!
Perfect gift!
As a tea enthusiast myself, I can't help but appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into curating such a diverse and beloved tea collection. It's a delightful way to explore new flavors and revisit old favorites.
Great way to try a variety
Nice sampler box for trying different teas, but be prepared to keep some lack luster flavors in the cupboard forever. Its more worth it to buy the single flavors in bigger pouches/tins or wait until it goes on sale
Great gift
A wonderful selection of a broad selection of teas that will please a number of palates. A convenient and thoughtfully packaged gift that I have both given and received.
Fabulous tea samplers box
I loved this team sampler set. I was given this as a gift and what a treat it was! Some of the flavours I liked more than others but what a great way to try different flavours and figure out what I wanted to purchase in a larger size. Buy this as a gift for someone in your life who is a tea lover.
Aromatic Tea
The tea is aromatic and delicious. The tea smells awesome and refreshing to the nose. The tea comes in many different varieties and I will be buying the loose tea more often.
a good substitution for coffee
if you are from ASIA, make sure to try this one, cause it really tastes like home. it is also healthy and a good replacement for coffee, if you thing that is not as healthy as tea or other hot herbal beverages
Best set of teas!
As a tea lover, I really love the selection of teas offers in the box. I've bought it for myself but it will definitely make a great gift for tea lovers and it's also affordable. I recommend it!
Little bit of each
David’s teas are the best. This a great way to try more than one and find your fav. Always fresh and relaxing. Perfect for afternoon tea time.
L’heure du thé
Cream of Earl Grey ma saveur préférée! Plusieurs variétés selon les goûts du jour. J,aime cependant les saveurs moins intense.
Trop cher
A ce prix c'est un produit de luxe et non pour un thé de tout les jours. Si on se fie à la quantité suggérer ça donne un thé très intense.
Good but
Good flavour. But bit expensive when compared with similar brands. I’m not a big fan of tea . I like coffee better. But this one I must tell you that it is so rich in flavour. Good one to start your morning.
David's tea love it
I'm loving it it my favorite tea I have many flavor and I love it hot or cold I like it a lot

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