Christie Toppables Crackers 386 G

4.9 5 0 241 241 CHRISTIE TOPPABLES have a rich and buttery taste, and will melt in your mouth. It can be eaten on its own or with a variety of toppings like cheese, meats, dips or spreads. Turn tasty toppings into extraordinary snacks.
Christie Toppables Crackers 386 G


Crispy and buttery cracker
One of my favourite crackers to have on a charcuterie board or just eat straight up. Toppables are so good that sometimes I just eat it on its own without anything accompanying it. I like that you can either eat these with something savoury or sweet. One of my go to crackers to eat with anything.
Very enjoyable
Absolutely delicious, all the family enjoyed this product
Absolutely delicious the whole family enjoys this product
These are some of my favourite crackers. They’re good all on their own for a quick snack. They also don’t have a huge flavour so you can really taste whatever cheese you put on them. They’re good with everything!
This is a great snack
It is a good snack to enjoy with friends, family, movies and at parties. it can be enjoyed in various forms.
kid approved
I bought it for hosting but my kids have been obsessed with these ever since, can't keep them in the house. They don't get soggy and every thing goes with it
great for hosting
I use Toppables crackers because they are great for hosting parties and lunches. They do not get soggy when you put wet cucumbers or tomatoes or hummus on top of them. I usually buy a couple of boxes for lunch parties and top them all off with fresh veggies and hummus. People love them!
Tasty and versatile cracker.
Tastes great. Can be used for dips, cheeses and charcuterie boards. Tasty on its own or with soups. Can be used as the base to build a snack; very sturdy.
Great cracker for many uses
Toppables are the best crackers. They taste great and you can use them in so many ways! We top them with dips, use them with meat and cheese, and are awesome to dip in your soup!
Great crackers
These crackers are excellent tasting. My favourite way to have them is woth cream cheese and pepper jelly. I also love them just plain on their own too.
Those crackers are my favorite. They go with everything, even with peanut butter! I'm hopping one day they gonna make a ''less salt'' version!
Love these
These crackers are a staple in my house, they go with anything and just simply on their own .
Good taste
This crakers taste really good. Great snack for kids (and adult) lunch. Really good with cheese, hoummous or with soup. The size is good not too big and not too small. I always have it at home
Just like the Handy Snacks crackers
These are just like the crackers that were in the Handy Snacks when I was a child (maybe they're even the same thing?) I love them!
Very good tasting cracker that would pare well with any kind of topping of your desire.

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