Christie Toppables Crackers 386 G

4.9 5 0 217 217 CHRISTIE TOPPABLES have a rich and buttery taste, and will melt in your mouth. It can be eaten on its own or with a variety of toppings like cheese, meats, dips or spreads. Turn tasty toppings into extraordinary snacks.
Christie Toppables Crackers 386 G


Most versatile cracker
Easily the most versatile cracker on the market. Tasty on it's own, great with a sweet jam and some brie but also equally as tasty with a savoury topping. Easily replaces saltines in homemade skor bar recipes. Tasty!
Ces craquelins sont mon « go to » pour toutes mes bouchées à servir à des invités (particulièrement avec du saumon fumé!) et ils accompagnent mes soupes et des légumes pour dîner. Juste assez salés et un léger goût beurré, wow
An economical choice for a buttery tasting cracker. We found them to be a good substitute for Ritz crackers. Really enjoy the rectangular shape - perfect for lots of toppings.
Nice and crispy yet flaky. Delicious buttery flavour that goes well with pretty much anything. Wish they had fewer calories, but isn’t that the way with all good tasting things?!
What ever your favorite topping is for a cracker, these crackers melt in your mouth. My favorite is various cheeses with a pepper jelly. Goes great plain with various meals as well.
Forgot how good these are
I remember eating these growing up. I recently noticed them again as I started buying crackers again. To say I enjoyed them would be an understatement. I made homemade pickles, purchased a bunch of different cheese and deli meats. Needless to say they didn't last a week. They are basic but very good. My go to cracker now for mini pickle cheese and meat snacks.
Love Toppables buy them regularly Light crisp buttery flavour, melts in your mouth.. Not too salty goes well with cheese and meat, dips and oysters or whatever you fancy.
Toppables crackers are a staple in my pantry and a go-to snack for the family. These crackers are relatively healthy and have lots of fibre in them. I eat them as is or wthi a cheese and roasted mushroom for fancier snacking. Delicious and simple fare.
where its at
top tier crackers. beats ritz and most other crackers.
Yes Yes Yes
These crackers are the best! They are light and buttery. Once I start eating them I just can’t stop. They aren’t as dry as other crackers and have such a delicious flavour! I would definitely recommend them to someone who has never had them!
Favourite crackes
These are one of my go to crackers, they go so well with so many things and are good as a snack on their own.
These are one of my favorite crackers. I like that they come in packaged sleeves - no more stale crackers when the box is left open. This also prevents broken crackers. They are just the right size for a slice of cheese, but are also good on their own.
These crackers are the absolute best ever and you can't stop at one. They taste like a fresh shortbread cookie that melts in your mouth. Absolutely love them !
Saltine Deluxe
These are like saltine soup crackers, but less crumbly, still very mild in flavour. The box says it all: serve things on them! They are great vessels for snacks with a great simple flavour for kids.
Yummy & buttery crackers
These crackers are very good! The size is perfect for topping with all kinds of things such as cheese, cured meats, cream cheese & peaches or using as a cracker in dips. Great crunchy texture, size and taste. Some crackers are too thin and break when you try and spread the cream cheese or soft cheese on them. Not these ones… They are perfect.

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