Bulldog Skincare for Men Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

4.3 5 0 37 37 Bulldog Understands Men. Designed from the ground up with male skin care as their focus, all Bulldog products combine the best of nature and science to work simply and effectively while dealing with the specific issues faced by men’s skin. Whether it’s regular or sensitive skin, Bulldog has the answer. All Bulldog products contain brilliant natural ingredients and we combine these with carefully selected man-made ingredients to offer exceptional performance at an affordable price.
Bulldog Skincare for Men Sensitive Skin Moisturizer


Bulldog's Quality
As a loyal customer of Bulldog, this is a nice find. I tried this product multiple times, and as someone who has dry skin, it really does miracles. I have tried other brands, but the fact that it is that cheap is absurd.
I love this product
This works good on my skin should be unisex product as I am a female who suffers with extremely sensitive skin I have psoriasis and eczema on top of that and have to watch what I use this stuff does not irritate my skin at all I love this product along with the body wash both are fantastic.
Great product
This is a great product for men and women. I didn't find it had any scent, absorbed quickly, and even my husband enjoyed it. Men definitely need skincare too! I would recommend it, even if you aren't a man.
Works and not greasy
My husband is so freaked out by the idea of chemicals being absorbed through the skin with most products but I bought him this to try and he's now almost finished his 2nd tube!
Excellent results BUT...
I think it worked well and smelled great however , could not keep using because the scent was not approved by better half. Didn't think twice and and 9/10ths of the bottle resides in my cabinet
Was bought as a gift and was great. Felt and smelt great. All was great! Cheers
Good simple moisturizer.
My fiance got a sample of this to try. He has been using it both day and night right before his retinol serum. He said he has been enjoy the texture as it absorb easily into the skin. It kept his skin hydrated throughout the day with out feeling greasy or sticky as it had claimed to do. He loves the fact that it contains simple and natural ingredients and is vegan and very affordable. Would be even better if it also used organic ingredients. But in any case he would still recommend it to anyone who wants a simple moisturizer that hydrates the skin without heavy or sticky feel.
Refreshing Lotion
My husband uses this moisturizer and is very pleased with it. Will definitely keep using as a regular face lotion
Bulldog is such a famous brand and I hoped that the moisturizer would do a great job. Too bad the quality was less than mediocre. It did not hydrate, moisturize or anything! I was looking for another cream to moisturize right after. It was a waste of so much money. Never trusted the hype and this is the reason why.
My husband tried this and loved it. Nice mild scent.
Gentle and light
Got it as sample. It is lightweight and gentle on the skin. Smell is also mild
Absorbs fairly quickly
I tried this. Seems to absorb fairly quickly. Scent is light. Doesn't leave a greasy feel
Affordable and efficient
I've bought twice this product and really liked it. It helps skin being mat and not shiny. No smell while using it, I'm using it everyday and recommend it to others. Also price isn't this high. :)
A reliable moisturizer without the fuss
My boyfriend used to wear this moisturizer everyday, and he dealt with severe eczema which was soothed by this moisturizer. In a pinch, I would also use it for days when my skin was sensitive, whether from too many actives or just when I didn't want to bother doing a multi-step nighttime routine. I liked its texture, lack of fragrance, its decent price, and its overall reliability. I recommend it!
Great brand and product
Both my husband and I loved this brand . The scent is wonderful and not overwhelming . Gentle on the skin while still feeling manly is what every guy wants this brand achieved that for sure

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