Bounce Wrinkleguard Mega Dryer Sheets Fabric Softener and Wrinkle Releaser Sheets Outdoor Fresh Scent

4.4 5 0 192 192 3x the wrinkle fighting power vs regular Bounce dryer sheets and 2x the size of most dryer sheets. Reduces static cling in fabrics and leaves clothes extra soft with an outdoor fresh scent
Bounce Wrinkleguard Mega Dryer Sheets Fabric Softener and Wrinkle Releaser Sheets Outdoor Fresh Scent


Wife loves. Them .I even use them in my work vacuum.
Effortless Wrinkle-Free Laundry
Not only do they leave my clothes smelling fresh with the delightful Outdoor Fresh Scent, but they also work wonders in combating wrinkles. I've noticed a significant reduction in wrinkles and static cling since I started using these sheets. Plus, the fabric softening properties leave my laundry feeling incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin. I love that these sheets are easy to use and offer the added benefit of wrinkle release.
versatile solution
Bounce Wrinkleguard Mega Dryer Sheets offer more than just a fresh scent; they're a versatile solution to laundry care. Infused with a pleasant outdoor fresh scent, these dryer sheets not only leave your clothes smelling clean and inviting but also work to tackle wrinkles and static. The Wrinkleguard technology is a standout feature, helping to reduce wrinkles and keep your garments looking neat and well-pressed. Simply toss a Bounce Wrinkleguard Mega Dryer Sheet into the dryer with your laundry, and experience the convenience of having clothes that come out not only soft but with noticeably fewer wrinkles. The outdoor fresh scent adds an extra touch of freshness, making your clothes feel like they've been hung out to dry in the crisp, clean air. These sheets are a time-saving and effective addition to your laundry routine, ensuring your clothes are not only soft and static-free but also wrinkle-free, all with the pleasant fragrance of the outdoors.
Keeps clothes in good shape
You can rip these in half and use them and still get the same freshness out of them. The wrinkleguard seems to work great and clothes always come out of the dryer wrinkle free.
bounce wrinkleguard
très bonne assouplisseur en feuille quand on a des animaux sa fonctionne sa enlèves tout sur le linge drap couverture et sa laisse une bonne odeurs je le recommande .
Rend le linge vraiment souple laisse un odeur agréable de parfum de fraîcheur fini la statique dans le linge j'en met 1 feuilles dans mon séchage et ça fait la job j'adore et je le reconnais
Not practical
I’m my own personal option these are a waste of money. There’s nothing different about them other then the size, they don’t smell the best and my clothing still tend to have wrinkles
Wrinkles were still there, but...
My clothing still had wrinkles in them, but they smelled really nice.
Love the fresh scent always have loved bounce. I do use this product all the time doesn't compare to other brands
I am a frequent buyer of bounce fabric softeners and I found that the wrinkle free are just as good as all the other bounces this one in particular has a fresh smell which I like about these bounces there are also bounces are scent free-- I do stand by Bounce as a fabric softener and static free--I also buy the pet bounce for hair & lint
Bounce is our go to
We have only used Bounce dryer sheets, nothing else does as good of a job and they really do help with wrinkles. They don't completely make the wrinkles disappear but they help.
I did not find a difference after trying this product for a month.
Bounce dryer sheets
Works great. Pleasant smell. Reasonable priced. Would definitely recomend
It works pretty good.
It works pretty good . My clothes come out look good
Get out wrinkles!
I tend to forget about clothes in the dryer sometimes, and these make life easier without me having to put the dryer back on to get the wrinkles back out! great product, but expensive!

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