Bear Paws Gingerbread

4.3 5 0 528 528 If you love fresh-baked food, you'll savour these Bear Paws that taste just like gingerbread right out of the oven.
Bear Paws Gingerbread


Seasonal goodness
We get these every Christmas for a seasonal addition to the kids lunch boxes.
Bear paws
I love anything ginger! Loved this product! Would definitely buy again!Very soft and very flavourful.
Bear Paws Gingerbread cookies are like a cozy hug in snack form. They've got that perfect gingerbread flavor that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Soft, chewy, and just the right amount of sweet and spicy. They're great for munching on while watching a movie or hanging out with friends. And let's be real, the bear paw shape is just plain adorable.
Awful! and it's from Dare?!?!
I am ashamed that this product is from Dare here in Kitchener, as they taste awful and they are way too big. The taste is like eating sawdust and they are way too big for an adult to eat let alone a kid.
Always good
It's bringing back childhood memories. My parents got them for me often. They're chewy and tasty. Today maybe I would put more ginger taste in them because I like a little spiciness but they're great still, perfect with a glass of milk. Letting them get soaked in there. Mmmhh
Soft and chewy
My kids love bear paws and they ask for them all the time. Personally I don't care for them all that much plus I prefer if it had a crunch but if you like something soft and chewy then this is for you. The product has a good flavour and the gingerbread flavour is one of my kids favorite. I find that kids really like this product and it is peanut free so perfect for a school lunch or just a snack.
On aime
Ces biscuits ont bon goût malgré le fait que je n’aime pas beaucoup le gingembre dans les desserts ou les sucreries, j’ai trouvé qu’ils étaient bons et le goût est bien dosé. C’est comme des pattes d’ours à la mélasse mais au gingembre … j’aime la texture tendre il devrait y avoir d’autres saveurs mais jamais vu dans ma région.
Soft as ever
I don't normally enjoy ginger based cookies, but I like how soft and cakey these are, as you would expect from bear paws. Flavour is mild and not too intense, anyone can enjoy these.
Good product
My son favorite snack when he was at school we continued to buy as a regular snack
Kind of blah
Doesn't really have much flavor. Can't really taste any ginger
On adore
Jai essayé et nous avons adoré les enfants ne réclame que cette saveur maintenant
Not the Best Bear Paw
Bear Paw makes some great flavors and this is no exception but it's plain and they have some great kinds. Was eaten but not the favorite so won't buy again. Bear Paws are usually part of a multi buy sale so we get them all the time.
I look for these every December
I first tried these a few years ago because I love anything gingerbread. I was surprised at how good they were. They are definately not just for kids. If you love gingerbread make sure to pick these up before they are gone. They are only around for Christmas.
Loved the flavour
These were great, I shared them with my nephews who LOVE gingerbread cookies. The texture is good and the flavour is true to a gingerbread cookie. My nephews have finished the box :)
Good nice
My son's loves it. They are great snack and school safe.

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