ATTITUDE Dishwasher Tablets

4.8 5 0 11 11 What goes down the drain today is what we’ll be drinking tomorrow. Most municipalities filter wastewater before pumping it back into the rivers and lakes they source from. That’s why ATTITUDE’s Dishwasher Tablets are phosphate-free and worry-free — meaning we only use hypoallergenic, plant- and mineral-based ingredients that are as safe for your family as they are for the environment.
ATTITUDE Dishwasher Tablets


Works Great
Love it! Works great in my dishwasher. Love there is no plastic waste left over from the packaging. This is great Canadian company, safe for the family and the environment. Highly recommend all their products.
Best as of now
This is the best That I have found for now when it comes to natural dish pods. They work very well.
greso leaves your dishes smelling amazing !
Leaves your dishes squiky clean , no dirt or grease left behind . Also leaves your dishes smelling amazing !
This is our daily dish washer tab. I love everything from the Attitude brand and these work so much better than our old ones did. We no longer even need to use a liquid drying agent. Dishes are always perfectly Ean and their is no chemical smells. This is safe for the whole family and the environment.
Great for the environment
ATTITUDE Dishwasher Tablets- Sparkling Dishes - 26 Water-soluble tablets makes me feel good about using my dishwasher regularly again. Without the harmful chemicals that won’t get filtered in treatment this product keeps the dishes very clean. Would recommend b
Works really great
Even if it’s cheaper than the other popular brands, this one works better than the others. I only buy this one now. I would recommend.
cheap but amazing
this product is a fraction of cost of regular brand and it works better then the expensive Brand I have told all my family about this product
5.0 sur 5 étoiles Vaisselle propre, beaucoup moins d’emballages qui sont recyclables
Toute la vaisselle est propre. L’emballage est recyclable, pas de plastique à l’exception de celui recouvrant les tablettes qui se dissout. Je ne sais pas si ce plastique soluble qui recouvre les tablette affecte les tuyaux, les cours d’eau ou l’environnement, mais il est censé être écologique. Il faut juste faire attention de bien garder les tablettes bien au sec parce que sinon la tablette se dissous.
Great product!
I tried these pods a couple of time. They work great, the dishes were clean, the ingredients are safe. Plus I love Attitude products. I didn’t notice any smell; but that’s fine. I will try this again.
They work great! They are small rectangles wrapped in a plastic that you leave on (it dissolves in the machine) Dishes were clean and had no water spots. Didn't notice any smell to them (like lemon etc) Would buy again
Très bonne marque
J’achète souvent cette marque surtout pour le nettoyant salle de bain. J'ai déjà essayé les tablettes pour lave vaisselle et elle lave assez bien. C'est bon pour ma conscience de savoir que ce produit est bon pour l'environnement c'est ma façon de contribuer pour la cause.

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