Remington Ultimate Series RX7 Head Shaver

4.6 5 0 51 51 Embrace the trend for a perfectly shaved head or tidy up your existing style with the Ultimate Series RX7 Head Shaver. The RX7 has everything you need for effortless, comfortable head shaving. 5x Cutting Heads offer 30% more flex* for maximum contact and quick results. While Dual Track Blades shave hair to as short as 0.2mm the Turbo Speed Function is designed to tackle denser hair growth for an even all-over finish. The Ultimate Series RX7 Head Shaver can get the job done in less than 2 minutes*** so with up to 60 minutes’ usage time, that’s over a month** of head shaving from a single charge. With Flexing Blades, a Pop-Up Trimmer and an LED countdown so you can see how much charge is left, it’s never been easier to stay on top of your style. <li>* Vs predecessor HC7000AU <li>**based on two days growth (1mm) <li>***Based on 3 minutes usage every 2 days
Remington Ultimate Series RX7 Head Shaver


i was left with a rash and stopped using
I am not sure if i just have sensitive skin or not but i was left with a large rash that stung for days so i had to stop using it, I also tried it on my legs and the same occurred, I will note though, it felt very easy to use and clipped the hair right off very easily, so in that sense its a great product, maybe just not good on sensitive skin ( although, i have never considered my skin to be sensitive)
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A Game-Changer in Head Shaving
The Remington Ultimate Series RX7 Head Shaver is an exceptional grooming tool, delivering a swift and smooth shave, even on difficult contours, thanks to its flexible head. Its user-friendly design and low-maintenance cleaning routine make it incredibly convenient, while its reliable, quick-charging battery adds to its appeal. Despite minor challenges in maneuvering around sensitive areas, the RX7 is a game-changer, providing a superior shaving experience. Whether replacing an old shaver or embarking on the bald look, the RX7 is a highly recommended investment.
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This is the Ultimate Head Shaver
The Remington Ultimate Series RX7 Head Shaver is THE ULTIMATE!! Had to go away quickly for a while and this was just PERFECT.. Quick, simply and very easy... Quick to charge. My head is SOOO SMOOTH, it is unbelievable. Absolutely FABULOUS...
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Head Shaver
Very easy to use head shaver, had about a weeks growth on head and it shaved it all with ease, the shaver isn’t to heavy and is simple and easy to use. Would Definitely recommend this for anyone looking for an easy at home shaver that cuts clean.
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So Easy!
This Remington Ultimate Series RX7 Head Shaver is an absolute game changer! The head is so flexible (I've included a photo showing this) it'll zoom around the shape of any head, bumps and all and take it in its stride. It has a pop up trimmer, which is always a welcome addition to any shaver. The whole unit is really comfortable to hold and cleaning isn't an issue at all. I would seriously recommend this Remington Shaver to anyone looking to replace their old one, or to anyone to who wants to join the baldy club and wants very smooth shave.
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I must admit I was impressed with this product straight out of the box. It feels great in the palm of your hand and just feels right. I've been using a Remington head shaver for years but never this style of shaver. The first shave was smooth and felt like velvet. Such a comfortable shave. I had a flare up on my neck the first shave but this settled as my skin got used to the new style of shaver. The five cutting blades make for a very comfortable close shave. As a bald man shaving my head is a regular routine and this shaver sure makes it an enjoyable experience. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a closer shave than a clipper style cutter at an affordable value for money price.
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Head shaver
The shaver I used was the first of its kind for me personally. Initially, I was skeptical about its ability to work on thick and strong hair on my head. However, my doubts were dispelled as soon as I started using it. Pros: I must admit that it is a very effective and user-friendly tool. The flexible heads were especially useful for getting a close shave around difficult areas and bumps. Although I was concerned about how messy it might be to clean, it turned out to be easy to detach and rinse in warm water, like refuelling an engine and enabling it to perform to its maximum potential. Cons: However, it's important to exercise caution when using the shaver on sensitive areas such as the neck and forehead. It can also be tricky to shave behind the ears, as the heads may not reach certain corners. Overall, I'm pleased with the shaver's performance and I think it's a handy tool for quick shaving needs, with a battery that seems that seems to last along time.
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Portable and powerful
This little package is more powerful, lasts longer and shaves better than you’re expecting it to, comes with an easy usb charger when it eventually does run low but you’re not charging after every use, most definitely the best head shaver I’ve ever used and I’d recommend it if you regularly struggle to keep a cheap shave
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Good product
The product is amazing. It made shaving really easy and comfortable.
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Remington Head Shaver
Been using the Remington Ultimate Series RX7 Head Shaver now for a week it’s been so good never has it been so easy and straight forward to do my own hair it’s light weight and comfortable to hold making it extremely easy to use l love it
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Amazing Product
Great Product, for someone who has a horrible receding hairline, and wanting to cover it by just shaving my hair off - this is the product for you!!
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Excellent head shaver
I am so impressed by the quality of this product and the way it does the job. It is so easy to use and charge . It provides a clean smooth cut and it is so much better than some of the other expensive products in the market. It offers turbo speed function which can be used with a touch of a button. It is waterproof and can be used as cordless for up to 60 minutes. I will definitely recommend others .
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Great but not perfect
The head shaver is incredibly well built BUT it does require some work to complete a full head shave. I found it took around 4 days of daily shaves to get into a bit of a rhythm but was still needing to clean up around my ears manually (wet shave). The flexible blade head is one of the best ones I have used and the overall shave is a very good result. I think this is definitely a great product for those maintaining a shaved head, but if, like me you are used to a wet shave you might find yourself still needing to have a hybrid approach to clean up the small sections the shaver just cant quite get to. I would definitely recommend though, especially for travel where you don't want/need to take a wet shave kit or full clippers.
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Great Product
Great product, very easy to use. was expecting it to "pull" on the hairs a little as I've experienced with similar products but was pleasantly surprised when it did not. The cut was clean and very close, exactly what I've been looking for for some time now. Got through my stubbornly thick hair with ease. A must have if you like to enjoy a smooth head. Battery life is very good, charging is fast and effortless. Compact enough to slip in a bag for travelling or a drawer, yet big enough to fit comfortably in larger (or smaller) hands whilst using.
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A close shave
I recently had the pleasure of testing the Remington RX7 head shaver. This is what I found; Pros - lightweight - ergonomic, fits nicely in the hand - powerful - quick charge - easy to use - bonus pop out trimmer Cons - no length settings. It is one length only, about a zero.
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