Palmolive Eco Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid Lavender Rosemary

4.5 5 0 57 57 Palmolive Eco Antibacterial Dish Washing Liquid Lavender & Rosemary has a powerful biodegradable formula and uses a 100% recycled bottle. It instantly cuts through grease, is Australian made and has naturally derived cleaning ingredients.
Palmolive Eco Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid Lavender Rosemary


Works Great
Tried the Palmolive eco Lavender and rosemary, and it worked great. Removed grease and oil from dishes, lathered well, had a delicious smell and bubbled nicely. I like the simple packaging and the fact that its biodegradable and bottle is 100% recycling is a bonus. Would purchase again.
Value for money
I waa surprises how this product actually cleaned. I have been opting for more eco friendly clean products for my home and I think I found the dish liquid I may be using for a while
Palmolive Eco Antibacterial Dishwashing
Palmolive Eco Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid in Lavender Rosemary is a standout product in my kitchen. Its delightful scent and powerful antibacterial properties make dishwashing a more enjoyable and hygienic task. The eco-friendly formula aligns with my sustainability goals, and a little goes a long way in cutting through grease and grime. This dishwashing liquid is a true multi-tasker that brings both efficiency and a pleasant aroma to my cleaning routine.
Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid
Palmolive Eco Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid in Lavender Rosemary scent is a kitchen must-have. It effectively cleans dishes while being gentle on the environment. The soothing fragrance adds a touch of calm to your cleaning routine. Perfect for eco-conscious homes seeking both cleanliness and a delightful aroma.
Cleans well
This dishwasher liquid cleans dishes very well you only need a little squirt and its enough to wash lots of dishes. I love how it's antibacterial. Great value compared to other brands
works fine
I love that it's eco-friendly and it actually does work very well I'm so impressed!
I love that it's eco friendly and it actually does work very very well I'm so impressed
Enviro, local, effective
I was surprisingly surprised with this dishwashing liquid! Not only is it Antibacterial, but it also has a lovelyscent that makes washing dishes a more enjoyable experience. The biodegradable formula is a big plus for me as I try to make eco-friendly choices when I can, and the 100% recycled bottle is a great touch. Not only is this dishwashing liquid environmentally friendly, but it's also effective at cutting through grease and grime on my dishes. I appreciate that it uses naturally derived cleaning ingredients and is Australian made, which gives me peace of mind that I'm supporting a local brand.
Best cleaner of all time
Have used this product a number of times Will take some beating
It's a yes from me
This left my hands feeling soft and smooth and NOT dried out as others do. It has a really pleasant fragrance. A little goes a very long way. I recommend this to others.
Great value
Was a little dubious as lower cost than many, but this is a fantastic product that both cleans well and smells nice.
I like the Eco brand for my dishes. Always leaves a nice clean. Don’t need too much and package size is great value for money. I recommend this to everyone
Eco palmolive lavender
I gave this ago because most dishwashing liquids dry out my hands but this was one of the better ones. The smell was lovely and it really cut through grease and grim.
Great cleaning power
I buy this time and time again Highly recommend
I quite enjoyed this product. It smells lovely and good on your hands. I like that it is eco friendly. I would like to see it have a smaller dispensing whole so that not as much comes out.

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