Emirates Macaroni Spaghetti

4.8 5 0 11 11 Emirates Macaroni Spaghetti Pasta. Dry Pasta Ready To Cook With Vegetables Or Meat.<li>100% Natural,100% Balanced Diet.<li>No Added Colours Or Preservatives.
Emirates Macaroni Spaghetti


Good quality
I got this on offer and tried it immediately as was excited to try the macaroni spaghetti that how different it would taste than a usual routine spaghetti or macaroni Alone.it tasted pretty much the same .it didn't become soggy on boiling and became el dente in pretty less time .liked the product
Good product
Good product good price recommended to buy specially in offer
Perfect texture Amazing taste Go perfect with any sauce
Very nice tastey and yummy. U can eat it long or cut it into Ur desire length
An excellent choice of pasta
An excellent choice of premium pasta. Al dente,cook to perfection with a perfect texture. It was form to the bite through its firmness, smooth surface and elasticity. Definitely would recommend for you to try to enjoy more of your dishes to serve to your family...
Emirates macaroni
It is very soft nd delicious. I like to have it daily. It is wonderful product nd in reasonable price.
What can i say it’s very good product, easy to cook
Spaghetti i love this product. My mom always buy this product if she will cook Spaghetti..we love it
I'm making spaghetti and meat balls Spaghetti is rich in fiber, protein, and minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium. More importantly, it does not contain any cholesterol and saturated fats.
My daughter loved this spaghetti this is very soft and delicious my child love and bring to school
A Delightful Twist on Traditional Pasta
I recently had the pleasure of trying Emirates Macaroni Spaghetti, and I must say, it was a delightful twist on traditional pasta. This unique take on the classic spaghetti dish offers a burst of flavors and textures that are sure to impress pasta lovers. One of the standout features of Emirates Macaroni Spaghetti is its innovative blend of ingredients. The macaroni noodles, cooked to perfection, offer a delightful chewiness that complements the traditional spaghetti sauce beautifully. The sauce itself is rich and tangy, with a perfect balance of sweetness and savory flavors. It is evident that great care has been taken in crafting the recipe, resulting in a sauce that is both familiar and exciting. What sets Emirates Macaroni Spaghetti apart from other pasta dishes is its incorporation of aromatic spices and herbs. The dish boasts an enticing aroma that fills the air as it cooks, enhancing the anticipation of the dining experience.

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