Rajah Chicken Korma

4,5 5 0 262 262 An all-in-one seasoning suitable for chicken, lamb, pasta, salads, vegetables & pizza.
Rajah Chicken Korma


Because i love cooking with different spices this 1 is my number 1 as i olso love chicken best combination for me.
Great taste
Love the aroma. Makes my food so delicious. I enjoy cooking with this curry spice.
tantalizing aromas
the smell gets you hooked, it makes my curry so flavourful
Best Curry
Rajah best for my chicken curry even mince curry not that strong we are enjoying as family . I recommended the rajah korma to my family and friends .
Rajah adding to their range is great. The aroma is quite strong so Rajah got that right.
Radja has been great a little goes a long way... It's flavorful and has a strong aroma to it
best spice
great spice ,packed with flavour, rajah is my favourite cant do with out it, will always recommend to friends and family.
taste is great
this product is lovely to put in all the curries you prepare
Nicely balanced
It's a good blend of spices and aromatics, just not very spicy in my opinion. I would personally prefer a bit more of a bite, but I can always add more chilli separately. Overall, I think it's a good product that makes curries easy to make.
So i decided i was going to make a chicken korma and my hubby said i wouldnt get it right like the original... he didnt know i had Rajah in my back pocket. He was shocked and astounded at the same time. he said if he hadnt seen me cooking it he would have thought i bought take outs. lol
Rajah chicken Korma
All in one as they say, easy to make chicken curry. The smell is divine and it so delicious.....
Chicken Korma
The Rajah Chicken Korma is good and value for money however I have tried other products with better flavour. I still think it is worth your while to try it and perhaps it is exactly your flavour.
I love Rajah products, it's very easy to use instructions is clear and quick. As a curry fanatic I love the flavourful smell and aroma. Looking forward to more. Also it's very affordable
Very tasty
Lovely flavor and super easy to make. Great for whole family as not to spicy for kids
Curry time..
Rajah has great spice blends and the Korma is definitely up there with the right amount of aromatics and heat. It smells so good when the spice hits the pan. Basmati rice and some naan. Ohhh man supper sorted in no time.

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