Ina Paarman's Lemon Flavour Cheesecake

4,8 5 0 77 77 Makes one fridge cake.
Ina Paarman's Lemon Flavour Cheesecake


Heaven on earth
This lemeon cheesecake delight was very tasty and good quality... I will buy it for more dinner parties and the comforting times.
Quick and easy
Quick and easy simple follow the steps and cheese cake is done
A baker's special
I highly recommend it and easy to make with the kids. The Taste is awesome and make sure to follow instructions well
Cheesecake - sour but sweet!
This is always a winner! I have made this cheesecake several times. I like to change the crust sometimes and decorate it with lemon zest. My friends think I am a pro-chef! I have tasted better cheesecakes than this one, but this one is so easy and also really tastes great! The texture is creamy and fluffy.
So good
It's an amazing product. East to make and taste really yummy. This is by far my favorite recipe for cheesecake, it's light and fluffy. I definitely would recommend. So delicious.
great product
easy to use. tastes like really homemade. would recommend it for every one
So easy and good
So easy and good. If you follow the instructions it is as easy to make it. A child could make it if they know how to read and have consent from parents of course haha
Ina paarman
You can never go wrong with an Ina Paarman in your trollie. It's so easy and quick to make ,even i can do it. And the best is your guests will think your the best chef ever. Highly recommend
Yummy! If you wish to wow your guests I really recommend this product, it's super simple to make with 2 variations on the box. Tip: top it with some lemon curd if you enjoy that lemony flavour!
Eazy Peazy
This is by far the quickest and easiest pre mix i have ever tried. My family thinks i bought the cheesecake. It's tasty and i get rave reviews whenever ibservie.
Cheesecake lovers
If you love cheesecake you will love this product,it's easy to use and come out great with loads of flavour
Lemon Cheesecake
I was introduced to this by a friend. The cheescake was served and I was surprised to see that it was home made as it tasted like the ones that you buy at the bakery. The instructions are easy to follow. Well done Ina Paarmans
More please
Loved this. And so simple quick and easy. Instructions were easy to follow
Loved This
I purchased this in December for a quick family treat. It was easy to make and it tasted delicious, def a must try for the sweet lovers :)
Lemon miracle
My absolute favorite pudding.Its the one thing my guest ask me to make when we braai

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