Ina Paarman's Carrot Cake dry flour mix

4,8 5 0 211 211 New from the Ina Paarman's kitchen, making 1 cake or 12 muffins.
Ina Paarman's Carrot Cake dry flour mix


I love this was one of my best ever carrot cake was very delicious and it's super easy to make no complications at all .
this is the first cake mix that just doesn't flop. i will keep on buying this product.
Ina Paarman's carrot cake mix
Delicious. I love making this on Sunday's when I have visitors over. Easy to make my even 3 year old toddler even assist with the mixing. Always a winner
Super rich flavor
Super rich carrot flavour super soft sponge tastes Devine
Great product
I am not a baker, but with this product you don't need to be. Quick and easy to make and it was so tasty.
Simply Delicious
Quick and easy to make. Tastes delicious. I would definitely reccomend this product to friends and I would surely purchase it again.
So quick
Everything already in the box quick and easy so convenient
Carrot cake to stay
Easy to bake, spoge is soft and always a win at any event. The instructions are easy to follow and the compliments always keep coming. The taste is great and the additional ingredients are not too expensive as you mostly have these items in your home
Easy peasy tasty treat
My aunt made this cake and I was pleasantly surprised. Great taste and easy to make. Big thumbs up at our tea party.
Amazing carrot cake
Top of its range I say best ever family and friends enjoyed this particular cake
quick and easy
What i love about this mix is that i can quickly whip it upand just add carrots and other ingredients i love for my guests who enjoy showing up out of the blue. It is moist and fluffy and the kids love it too
This cake is easy to make and the taste is so delicious
Best carrot cake ever!
This is cake is super easy to make with the clear instructions. The cake self is nice and moist and super fluffy - when having guests, this is one of my favourites to serve and it never disappoints. I love the icing and usually add some whole pecan nuts for nice decor too. My mouth is watering for a slice right now!
Carrot cake premix - Ina Paarman's
Super easy to make. Ina Paarman's premixes never disappoint. Easy to follow instructions make baking a breeze. For extra goodness, use cream cheese when preparing the frosting.
Really yummy carrot cake. It even comes with a carrot and pineapple mix to add. Very impressed.

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