Golden Cloud Cake-In-A-Mug Chocolate Flavoured Cake Mix

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Golden Cloud Cake-In-A-Mug Chocolate Flavoured  Cake Mix


Convenience in a Sachet !
So awesome and chocolatey - can sometimes be a bit dry ..... nothing that cream cant cure !
Cuppa cake
My family calls them cuppa cake. I bought this Chocolate one. The taste is really nice. However i feel there should have been a little more in the packet. When you make it, it rises but as it cools it sinks down a bit making the kids think its too little.
Cake in a mug
Quick, convenient and easy to make however it gets dry too quick.
Quick and easy
So easy to make when u really want cake and don't feel like baking
Cup a Cake
Very convenient and easy to follow through. I normally have my chocolate syrup with the cake as it tends to be dry. But on the overall if you wish to fulfill your cake cravings this will do
It's okay
It's a great product for convenience but a bit too dry for my liking as I love moist chocolate cake
It has a nice flavor but too dry too my liking. I ate it with ice cream as it was too dry to eat just like it.
Easy to make
It's so convenient and instant when you're craving a cake. I add macadamia nuts and chocolate chips to the mixture and have my cake in a mug under two minutes. Then top it with whipped cream and strawberry sauce and sometimes I top it with a scoop of ice-cream and some sprinkles. My kids and I enjoy it as a midnight snack.
Cup cake
This treat is very easy to make and yummy! suitable for these cold nights! Even better with some custard too :)
Quick and easy
My family loves sweet treats... and this is super easy... with a squirt of caramel and a few astros it is my kids' favourite treat... It always tastes like more to me..
cake in a mug
uper easy instructions and easy to make love easy easy easy
Everything that you need in a cup soft chocolate flavor, quick and easy too
Fast and quick
If ever you have a craving for cake this product is quick and easy tastes yummy
So So
Cake in a mug is okayish. The flavour is too artifical for me as the taste doesnt taste like chocolate. Wont buy it again.
Best product ever!
So quick and easy. I love this product. I tried it in all the flavours and they are all great.

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