Fatti's & Moni's Tagliatelle Pasta Ribbons

4,8 5 0 69 69 Pasta Ribbons 100% Durum Wheat.
Fatti's & Moni's Tagliatelle Pasta Ribbons


Quick and Easy
Easy to cook, works well with almost any cooked dish....my entire family just loves the texture of the pasta.
Worth your money
This pasta is so filling, great tasting. If you are used to using a full 500g macaroni- you can use less of this. I love the nest idea, I dish 1 nest into every plate and pour the sauce over. Love this so much
Best brand of tagliatelle pasta. Works well with a seafood pasta in white sauce.
Tasty and delicious
I’ve recently tried Fatti’s & Moni’s Bellissimo Tagliatelle Pasta Ribbons. They pair well with anything from hot to cold dishes. I’ve tried it in cold vegetable salads, in hot meat dishes, with chicken or fish. The possibilities are endless. My family love the ribbon pasta design. I love the convenience and delicious taste of the pasta. I would definitely recommend this to you.
Very easy to cook and perfect everytime LOVE IT
The ultimate
Very easy to cook and perfect everytime especially when I am making creamy seafood
Very easy too cook, I use to make my shrimp pastas and oh boy is it delicious and filling and it cooks quicker. I can have it everyday all day. It is now my firm favorite and it always on grocery list.
Great Pasta
Being a lover of pasta, I love the overall taste and texture. Cooks perfectly and quick and doesn't stick much together. Great for that quick meal when you having people over it takes your pasta up a notch!
Pasta Lover
I really enjoy it with chicken ala king. It really nice when its rich and creamy
Testing good
I love it when all my heart cooking on Sunday with meat ball roll
These cook in about 8 minutes, great texture good for your pastas and chicken alfredos would definitely recommend
Fatti's & Moni's Tagliatelle
My cousin always prepares the most amazing meals with these and I now too use it. We have pasta twice a month and this is definitely what we eat once out of the two times. The cooking time is great too.
Pasta RIA
Im a pasta lover, one of the dishes i like to make is Chicken Alfredo. this pasta is great for it.
I love this,packaging is 100 , quick and easy to make.
Love love love
Amazing pasta, perfect to taste, I love the easy cooking, the texture when cooked is perfect, this in an alfredo pasta is totally amazing!!!

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