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How do I qualify for a box

We would love to give everyone a box every time but unfortunately this is not possible. To be eligible to qualify for a box though, it is important that you REGISTER on our site as only registered members stand a chance to receive products. To register simply click “Join Now” on the top right hand corner and complete the details and make sure to opt in to receive communication from us. This will ensure you are notified should you be selected and allows us to get your tester products to you. Please keep your profile updated regularly to increase your chances of receiving a box.

What are the 2 types of boxes

The first type of box is called a Survey Box. These are distributed through a computer generated selection process to a select number of members depending on how many samples we have available. After testing the products we ask that you complete the online survey that is located on the Home Tester Club website under the Surveys tab.

The second type of box is called a Campaign Box. These are also given to a limited number of selected active members. In these boxes there will be more than one sample of the same product. You will be required to share these additional samples with some of your chosen friends so that they too can experience the product and give feedback. Please note that you will need your friends to accept the invitations in order to receive the samples.

All necessary information and instructions will accompany the box of samples you receive.

How can I increase my chances

To increase your chances of receiving a box we encourage you to complete your profile in as much detail as possible and make sure that all your information is correct and up-to-date. We cannot send boxes to members that have not got a completed profile or who do not provide us with a daytime physical address. So please update your profile regularly.

How long must I wait before getting a parcel

As mentioned we only have a limited number of boxes going out at a time and with so many members we cannot guarantee a sample box. Active participants are selected from our members who are applicable for each campaign and notified via email.

If you do receive communication from us indicating you have been selected, please be patient on awaiting your sample box as there is a process that must take place behind the scenes which involves a number of steps. Average time between receiving a mail and getting your box should be around 6 weeks.

How do I track my parcel

If you are selected to participate in testing a product and you have received an email notifying you of this then you will be issued a tracking number for your parcel. This tracking number will be displayed on your club profile which you can find by logging in, clicking on ‘My Dashboard’ on the top right hand corner of the screen and scrolling down to locate it on the bottom right of the page.

Please note that your individual tracking number will only be generated after distribution has taken place. If you do not see a tracking number immediately please be patient.
The courier company is Dawn Wing – www.dawnwing.co.za and you can track your box on the website. The National Number for Dawn Wing is 0861 223 224.

What are the questions about

Surveys can be found under the ‘Survey’ tab on the Home Tester Club site. All members will be able to see what surveys are currently available. These will be labeled “Latest”. Surveys that are open for you to participate in will be labeled “Private”. Please try and complete these surveys as early as possible to avoid missing the deadline.

Where do I find the surveys

Surveys can be found under the ‘Survey’ tab on the Home Tester Club site. All members will be able to see what surveys are currently available. These will be labeled “Latest”. Surveys that are open for you to participate in will be labeled “Private”. Please try and complete these surveys as early as possible to avoid missing the deadline.

Am I ever going to get a sample box

Participants for each campaign are selected through a computer generated selection process. We would love to give everyone a box however this is impossible due to our huge membership number and the limited amount of boxes we have available at each time. By filling out your profile in as much detail as possible we can at least ensure you are part of our database where we pull our selection from although this does not guarantee a box at any given time. However we encourage you to continue participating in our online community and value your feedback and comments.

Forgotten my details/login

If you have forgotten your login details simply click on the top right hand where it says “Forgot your password” and a tab will open up allowing you to enter your email address. A link to rest your password will be sent to your email. Please ensure you use the email address you used to join Home Tester Club so that the system can find your account. From there please follow the instructions.

How do I update my address and contact details?

You would need to update your profile by logging into your Dashboard – please refer to the next question.

How do I update my profile

To update your profile please login and go to “My Dashboard” located on the top right corner by your name. Click on “Update My Profile” and change your information accordingly. Press “Submit” and a notification thanking you for update will appear.

Is it free

Joining Home Tester Club is completely and totally free. If you are chosen to participate in a sample box you will receive this at no cost to yourself.
Tester samples of products and delivery of these products will be free of charge.

Are my details shared

Your details are not shared with anyone outside of the Buchanan Group. Only your responses are anonymously collated to give informative feedback to our clients.
For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

Open and Honest Feedback

By being a member of the Home Tester Club, you can benefit from having open and honest reviews available on a wide variety of everyday products. These comments come from people just like yourself and are uncensored giving you realistic and honest feedback about a products performance.

Testing free products

Having a full and updated profile on the Home Tester Club makes you eligible to participate in sampling a range of new products released onto the market at no cost to yourself. This gives you the opportunity to test a product before going out and buying it.

I have received an electronic email notification and have referred the correct number of friends who have accepted, but I have not received any product, what do I do?


  • The box may still be on route via our preferred courier service – Dawn Wing
  • The contact and delivery details are not correct
  • No one has been available at the given address to receive the box.

Please contact: Dominique | south.africa@hometesterclub.com

nformation to include in your subject line or e-mail query:

  • Full name and surname
  • E-mail address that you've registered with the Home Tester Club
  • The relevant product box name and campaign in question ie. 3058B product to test.

Why is the survey still open once I've completed my referrals?

The survey will remain open until the required number of members have completed it.

I have checked my dashboard to track a parcel, with no tracking number visible?

A tracking number is allocated after 3 working days to allow time for delivery.

The Invite a Friend function is currently being developed for the new website.

To do this you need to be selected for a campaign. You will receive an email from us asking to do referrals.

  1. Log onto your profile at www.hometesterclub.com/index.asp
  2. Click on the Survey tab
  3. Go to "product to test"
  4. Enter the names and unique email addresses of the friends you would like to share with
  5. Here you will see those who still need to accept.
  6. If not all of your friends have accepted please either retype and resend to your friend or refer a new friend by filling in their details in the text box provided.
  7. Thanks again for being a member of our community and we value your feedback and comments.

We are excited to launch our new Video Reviews. Here's your chance to let the world know what you think about the supermarket products you buy and use every day.

What should I say in my Video Review?

Here are a few tips:

  • Hold up the product in your hands as best as you can
  • Make sure you have plenty of light on you and the product
  • Ensure the microphone is on
  • A few questions to ask yourself:
    • Have you ever used it before?
    • What were your impressions before you bought it?
    • How often did you try it? Over how much time?
    • Your over all impressions?
    • Would you recommend it to a friend?
    • How would you rate it out of 5?

How do I create a Video Review?

Choose the product you would like to review and click the "Record Review" button

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