Zombie SKITTLES Halloween Candy 10.5-Ounce Bag

3.6 5 0 172 172 Trick… or treat? Zombie SKITTLES Halloween Candy is a mix of deliciously fruity candy pieces and rotten zombie-flavored ones! You never know what you’ll end up eating, and therein lies the fun. Each bag features a mix of mummified melon, bogeyman blackcherry, chilling black cherry, petrifying citrus punch, blood red berry and some hidden rotten zombie-flavored candies. A rotten zombie taste can be hiding behind any color candy! Make mischief night more mischief-filled when you bring along these fun candies to share with your friends. We dare you to try a handful!
Zombie SKITTLES Halloween Candy 10.5-Ounce Bag


Fun sizes
Perfect fun sized treat/reward for the kiddos. Even the older ones. Even the adult kiddos lol great for everyone.
So many people love these that it’s hard to not have around during the Halloween season. Bags like this is mainly for family share and we get individuals for the trick or treaters
Love them!
My littles loved these and loved the flavors too! They were excited to try these special holiday candies and loved all the colors/flavors!
Great taste...
I love these Halloween sour little trial size skittles. Amazing, sour, poping taste in your mouth. Chewy taste and great for kids for Halloween.
This zombies skittles bag is a mix of regular fruity skittles and rotten tasting skittles. Which will you get? It’s definitely a surprise and fun to make it a game with the family.
Why I enjoy skittles
They are very tasty and enjoyable and as such I would reco.mend them
My family loves Skittles. We especially loved the Halloween Zombie Skittles. They are so much fun. They have assorted flavors with cute Halloween themed names also hidden in the bag are rotten zombie flavored ones. So you could get the flavor you choose or it could be a rotten zombie one. Great fun. We had a really good time with these!
An unpleasant surprise
I ate the Skittles a while back and I didn't read the package correctly and I was completely bamboozled. I didn't realize that Candy could have such terrible flavor. This really caught me off guard and I've literally never looked at another pack of these skittles again because I'm traumatized.
Hilarious to Try!
Most of the Skittles are normal flavored... but you just never know which ones will taste like... just straight garbage! These are definitely not for your every day treats, but for those occasions you want to *trick* someone, or play an edible roulette-type of game, these are perfect! I had originally thought I could sniff out the individual pieces that were gross; while they do have a more distinct smell, it's not fully accurate, since the hard candy shells hide or can transfer the middle disgusting flavor. My kids did find a trick to tolerating eating them all - just pop a whole handful in your mouth, and *usually* the regular fruity flavors will mask the one or two with rotting zombie flesh flavor.
Tastes gross!
These are not regular skittles! They tasted so bad that we threw them away. I get that they want to make some of them taste funky but it was so gross. I would not recommend getting these at all!
Super fun!
This is a super fun halloween thing to play with the kiddos beware the bad flavor!
Great for the holidays
Zombie SKITTLES Halloween Candy is a fun and tasty treat that is perfect for the spooky season. The bag includes a mix of fruit flavors, with a twist - some of the pieces are "zombie-flavored" with a surprise taste that is both creepy and delicious. The candy is also easy to share and provides a fun and unique experience for any Halloween gathering. Overall, a great product that is perfect for adding some spooktacular fun to Halloween festivities.
Skittles, Taste the rainbow…remember that commercial? I do)) and i love chewy fruity and crunchy taste of them. Those are my #1 favorite candies. Love different fruity flavors that they have!!!
Fun for Halloween but flavors are scary
I tried the Zombie SKITTLES Halloween Candy during Halloween and was surprised by its unique flavor profile. The candies come in five different fruity flavors with a spooky twist, including Dark Berry, Black Cherry, Forbidden Fruit, Blood Orange, and Midnight Lime along with a zombie flavor. The skittles are tasty except for the horrifying zombie flavor! The packaging is also fun and eye-catching, making it a great option for Halloween parties or as a festive treat. Overall, I would recommend Zombie SKITTLES Halloween Candy with caution; while fun for Halloween or pranks, the zombie flavor is quite offensive.
Trick or Trick
These were so much fun. I didn’t taste any of the “zombie” flavored ones but I witnessed a few friends and relatives getting them. The best one was my brother in law, kept eating them because he just thought something was wrong with one. He ended up getting 2 or 3 before saying anything. It was awesome.

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