Vitaminwater™ Fire + Ice Spicy Watermelon-Lime

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Vitaminwater™ Fire + Ice Spicy Watermelon-Lime


It's Twangy
Vitaminwater Fire + Ice Spicy Watermelon-Lime is a daring fusion of flavors that ignites the taste buds. The initial burst of spicy watermelon surprises in the best way, followed by a refreshing lime twist. While it's a bold departure from typical hydrating beverages, the spiciness might catch some off guard. It's a unique experience – not overly sweet, subtly spicy, and undeniably refreshing. The electrolyte boost is a plus, making it a hydrating option with a kick. If you're in the mood for a flavor adventure, give Fire + Ice a try; just be ready for the unexpected spicy twist
Great Product
I used to take these from work all the time. They're sweet but they have a slight kick. If you like eating mangoes and chili, you'll probably like this. If you don't, I question your sanity.
Don’t do it
This was quite the disappointment! The taste is horrifying and has a bad after taste! I just didn’t like it at all! It’s not for me or my family!
so refreshing!
I used to buy regular sports drinks for my kids, and was looking for a better healthier option with less sugar, but still with a good taste. I have tried The orange, the lemonade and the pommegranate flavours and are so refreshing and great. My family loves them!
The flavor combination was not cohesive. It was just nasty.
No Thanks
I love vitamin water but this flavor was a disappointment. It was not good and had a strange after taste. I'll stick to some of the original flavors.
No just no
The flavor is enough to make you sick. I personally can't stand it. Tried it due to a tiktok but will not ever buy again. It's almost as bad as the spicy Pepsi. Just don't do it
I love Vitaminwater so I thought I would try this when I saw it. I did not like the flavor at all! It has a very strange flavor and a bad aftertaste. It was disappointing because Vitaminwater is one of my favorite drinks. This flavor was definitely not for me. My son really likes it though. So I still buy it for him.
Solid Drink
A Refreshing drink Worth Every Penny! Great for the summer.
Pretty good
This fire and ice really had an interesting flavor. I won’t say I didn’t like it but it did take a few drinks to get used to the flavor just a little too much going on.
needs more flavor
this drink is ok it needs more flavor it kinda taste like still water
Great drink
Great drink to get all vitamins you need for the day, great taste and excellent when its cold, usually after my morning run I grab one and feel great, recommend and continue to purchase
Good stuff
I needed a quick bioavailable source of vitamins. This is it. I drink one a day. And the prices are coming down. If you are not able to take vitamins by mouth, mine is a kidney problem, this is a great way to get those essential vitamins.
Not worth it
I thought id try something new so i bought and tried this drink. Will never buy again, flavors are disgusting completely awful. Its a no for my family but everyone is different
I love this brand and was excited to try something as new and different as this one. But it's horrible! It made my mouth tingle and the flavor is off. I wouldn't waste your time.

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