Skinny Cow Viva Vanilla Snackers

4.8 5 0 329 329 Snack size sandwiches made with low fat vanilla ice cream set between two chocolate wafers.
Skinny Cow Viva Vanilla Snackers


Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches
These ice cream sandwiches are so good! They have a great chocolate and vanilla flavor. I also like how these are lower in calories to the traditional ice cream sandwiches. Highly recommend!
Light and delicious
I love that I can have a frozen treat yet it is low calorie and delicious with these ice cream sandwiches
Diet approved
If you’re a mom that’s always on a diet like me then these are for you. Guy approved and healthy while still indulging in sweet snacks.
These are delicious ice cream sandwiches for when you want a small treat. I like that they are small and lower calorie but still taste amazing. All around a delicious treat. I would recommend.
Very good taste!
I really like this brand of ice cream to not feel so guilty about eating. My kids also consume it very occasionally. Very good taste!
Not great
I really did not enjoy these. They had a very odd gritty texture and such a fake vanilla flavor. I was not a fan in the least. I ended up throwing them out because no one would eat them.
these arent bad at all especially if you're trying to loose weight its got the perfect amount of vanilla ice cream and it taste exactly like the normal fatty ones but you can eat more of theses lol deff recommend
This is far my favorite snack. The taste is absolutely fantastic. Anyone can appreciate this low-calorie snack without the quilt.
Great for calming a sweet tooth
I love to keep these around as a small dessert if I'm having an insatiable sweet tooth. They are low calorie so I don't feel so bad when I finish my dinner with an ice cream dessert.
good for when you want to be "good"
These are not too bad when you are trying to be healthy but still want some ice cream. It is just the right amount and always fills the "i want something sweet" hole.
I'm a big fan of ice cream sandwiches, but I'm also trying to watch my weight. So when I saw Skinny Cow Viva Vanilla Snackers, I was intrigued. They're only 100 calories each, but they still taste like a real ice cream sandwich. The vanilla ice cream is creamy and delicious, and the chocolate cookies are soft and chewy. The cookies are a little thinner than the cookies on a regular ice cream sandwich, but I didn't mind. I actually thought it made them easier to eat. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a delicious and guilt-free ice cream treat. They're the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without blowing your calorie budget. I also appreciate that Skinny Cow uses real ingredients in their products. There are no artificial flavors or colors, and the ice cream is made with low-fat milk and cream.
Pretty good
Skinny Cow viva vanilla snackersare a 100 calorie snack size sandwich with ice cream in between two chocolate cake pieces. These taste good and I would recommend to anyone looking to cut a few calories out.
Love the taste and now my kids enjoy them as well. Perfect combination of chocolate and vanilla without the guilt.
Great snack
This is a great sweet treat while watching your diet. For only 100 calories the sandwich is a good size and very fulfilling. I love that they make skinny cow ice cream treats. A very healthy alternative
Skinny cow yum!
I love these low fat Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. They have a rich creamy taste surrounded by a thick chocolate Colie crumble crust. I eat these for a sweet treat every week!!

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