ONE A DAY® Men's with Nature's Medley Vitamins

4.6 5 0 81 81 The only complete multivitamin for men with natural antioxidants from one total serving of fruits and vegetables.
ONE A DAY® Men's with Nature's Medley Vitamins


41 years old with massive health issues!
I have CHF, Brain Tumor, High BP, low testosterone and obesity. I decided to begin to take this vitamin on my own without suggesting by a Doctor. After a month or so, my energy increased, my bones don't hurt, I have more pep in my step. I would recommend this to all men out there regardless of your health. Mathew S.
Great results
I have used these for years and would not change a thing.
Love it
I've bought these a few times now. Great taste I just wish I could rmber to take them!
Good Vitamin Option
I bought these for my husband, who expressed the desire to take vitamins, but isn't great about taking pills; especially those with an after taste. He has really enjoyed these vitamins. They do have a couple of grams of sugar per serving, but that hasn't bothered him. He has been taking them for a while now and will continue to do so.
My man liked them
I’ll buy them for him again he seemed to enjoy the taste.
Must have product
I absolutely would recommend this to anyone of my friends and family members of whom like to try new products and services that have teenage kids or even just for themselves. They're definitely awesome to have around.
Doesn't have everything you need
These are not a full strength vitamin like you really need. They are a gummy and taste good but you are better off with a nigher potency vitamin.
Waste of money and unhealthy. None of the supplements are backed up with real proof. Plus this is loaded with sugar. How can anyone think this is healthy or helping you in any way?! Eat healthy that’s the only way you get nutrients you need. This is all trash.
I think they tasted horrible. They was also hard for some reason.
This is exactly what i was looking for. A yummy easy vitamin to take. Gives me everything i need
Good to mix up the routine
t taste too good to be considered vitamins. This is nice for a change not to take a pill. I use this when I want someone sweet and healthy too. I got it on sale took a chance. Very happy that the gummies don't clump together like other store brands that I have purchased in the past.
Great overall multivitamin
I bought these for my husband. He doesn’t always eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables a day. So I thought these were perfect. He doesn’t enjoy the taste of the gummies. Overall a good vitamin though.
Mens Medley Vitamins
I love how brands advertise their own set of vitamin supplements. I tried this one and I loved it so much. I do see, however, that the price range would not be my range if I wanted to buy another one. Medley
Great product
One a day are the best vitamins. Easy to take and give you the best highest nutritional value , the pills don’t taste or smell the best but the gummy’s smell good an taste good good
Am like this product
Am try vitamins one a day for man and help for all my day

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