Haagen Dazs Irish Cream Cookie Squares

4.9 5 0 89 89 A rich chocolate cookie topped with ice cream that’s infused with Irish Cream before the entire square is dipped in decadent dark chocolate.
Haagen Dazs Irish Cream Cookie Squares


This is too good!
This stuff is dangerous - simply disappears in the house. We buy it all the time, but it never seems to last - where does it go??? It is simply too good and we cannot get enough! Goes great with coffee. Enjoy!!!
Haagen Dazs Irish Cream Cookie
Haagen Dazs Irish Cream Cookie Squares are delicious and taste like Irish Cream alcohol, the cream inside is smooth and creamy
These are so good and satisfying as a dessert. You can’t go wrong with Irish cream ice cream covered in chocolate. All around a delicious ice cream treat and I would recommend this product.
My family and I can’t get enough of Haagen Dazs so when we discovered these Irish cream cookie squares, we were all super excited. They are extremely delicious, I just wish they were somewhat cheaper
These are amazingly good I purchase when I want something sweet they are kinda expensive but they are worth it wish more came in the box! Super delicious
Luck of the Dessert
First off, the name alone got me intrigued, Irish Cream and Cookies? The Irish Cream ice cream is this velvety, boozy dream, and the cookie pieces are like crunchy companions in this delicious jig. It's like a dessert duo that knows how to tango on your palate. Perfect for when you want a sweet treat but don't want to commit to a whole pint. It's like Haagen Dazs gets that sometimes, dessert is all about the little victories.
Absolutely divine
These Irish cream flavored ice cream bites by Haagen-Dazs are to die for. They are absolutely delicious . I only recently discovered them and now they're my new addiction. High quality ice cream products. I love that they use fresh whole cream and that it's real ice cream as opposed to ice milk. Many of the leading other brands are ice milk and that just doesn't do it for me. I've never got Häagen-Dazs as an option in our local grocery stores. Highly recommend to anybody except those who are dieting
These are my favorite indulgences right now. I love the Irish cream flavor, the chocolate, and the cookie part. It all comes together perfectly for a delicious dessert. So yummy!!
Irish cream
Haagen Dazs Irish cream cookie squares are a chocolate cookie that is topped with Irish cream ice cream dipped in chocolate. You only get three though, so will you share? They are delicious and I recommend.
Oh my goodness
These are exceptional. So so good. Expensive so an occasional treat is how I eat it.
I love Haagen Dazs Irish Cream Cookie Squares! They are so good. It’s a cookie topped with ice cream. They are the best ice cream cookie cookie combo I have ever tried. They are a little pricey but so worth it!
If you haven’t you must!
If you haven’t tried these delectable little treats. You’re completely missing out. They are the perfect little treat no matter the weather they hit the cozy spot, and the sweet spot, my family love seas
Haagen Daaz has done it again with always having the best quality ingredients and superb taste, but this treat is rich and took my taste buds and myself into a place of royalty escape! I absolutely love this treat so much from the brownie cookie to the rich taste of chocolate and spirits. I cant even find another box in my local store! You are missing the best test by far! Rich and decadent!
Absolutely delicious
When I saw these in the store, I knew I needed to try them. I am so glad that I bought them because they are so good. They’re perfect for a hot summers day.. or any day:)

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