Tilda Coconut Super Grains Quinoa Brown Basmati & Wild Rice

4.6 5 0 65 65 Try Tilda's delicious NEW blend of Quinoa, Brown Basmati and Wild Rice grains combined with Coconut – superfood ingredients for meals that taste amazing!
Tilda Coconut Super Grains Quinoa Brown Basmati & Wild Rice


2mins super easy
Lovely tasty quick micro rice. Cooks in 2mins with no mess or hassle. Not soggy or bland. I'll try purchase this again
Great taste
Grains and rice with a touch of coconut flavour..... what's not to like! Great with all sorts of meals. Rather pricey just now, I will look out for it when it is on offer.
Very nice rice
This is so nice with chicken korma home made just the right amount
Tasty and value for the money
A great version of the very convenient Rice packs. So convenient as you microwave for 2mins and he presto its ready. Or stir fry with vegetables in the pan
Tasty rice
I really enjoy this quick and easy rice it’s delicious and yummy
So easy
This makes such an easy to prepare and tasty lunch for those mega busy days. This one in particular with a good Asian flavours but I find the price tag is a little too high. Nice but not for that sort of money for a bag of rice
It’s lovely micro rice. I expected it to be tasteless and plastic like not nice.
Nice to have something different than plain rice. The coconut is just the right amount and the combination with quinoa and brown rice works well. Quick and easy to use, good to have a packet in the cupboard.
I prefer Tilda rice to other brands because the rice always cooks perfect and the taste is good too...quick and easy (2 mins) for those busy days!
Perfect addition to any home-cooked meal. I love coconut rice as a rule, especially if it's Tilda - but this rice is something special. Even my children (who are picky eaters) love this.
Very yummy rice
It’s lovely micro rice. I expected it to be tasteless and plastic like not nice. But it’s really fluffy and coconutty but not Too over powering. It’s really good. I am really fussy so it’s defo a winner
Really nice decent rice
Loved this rice, easy to cook, tasted great and really filling. I have already bought again as I love them, would recommend
these are really nice
this is handy to have in the cupboard and is so quick and easy to make its great with a curry or thai curry and i love the coconut flavour in this rice its just right. highly recommend have brought again
Handy to have in
Great store cupboard item to have in- I tend to grab a packet to take to work as it is so easy to heat in the microwave. Lacks the flavour of freshly cooked rice but not bad for a packet.
Tilda Super Grains
I thought Tilda Super Grains were very tasty, we love the taste of the brown rice and quinoa which we would never think to put them together, but it definitly works. Yes I would recommend this product. Well done!

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