Raid Ant Powder - 250g

4.8 5 0 81 81 Protect your home from crawling insects. Use to disperse and kill nests. Suitable for use around the home. Long-lasting protection with only one application. Effective against ants, woodlice, cockroaches and other crawling insects.
Raid Ant Powder - 250g


Can no longer used due to petse
This ant powder is the best I've found at keeping bugs away from the house but unfortunately since we've gotten a cat we can't use it anymore in case he licks the powder off the pavement (it's long lasting enough we'd have to keep him inside for a couple of days). Such a shame because it really is a good product.
Ants be gone!
Nothing bad to say about this product, it is very effective. I always have a bottle of this under the sink in case of ants and when we do have a problem this gets rid of them instantly.
Great ant killer
Great ant powder that was effective and getting rid of our ant problem. Would recommend this brand over a cheaper alternative as it seemed to work better
Great ant killer
This powder is great at getting the ants gone for good….I used it once and they never came back again and I mean never.It’s cheap to buy and available in all supermarkets and diy stores
One puff and gone
I've always used the powder amazing wonder dust Ants normally gone within days
This time of year we suddenly have an ant infestation. This is ideal for around the exterior of the house, under our plant pots and anywhere ants go. Really effective and quickly gets rid of the ants.
Fantastic results
Fantastic results to get rid of ants wherever you place it. It is more expensive lately. But definitely worth the money!! Ants are a nightmare you get rid of but this helps a great deal. Or boiling water if outside
Stops ants in their tracks
Great product, used this when I had an ant infestation in my kitchen, I just sprinkled it on the outside perimeter of my house against the wall and the ants stopped coming, a yes from me.
So effective
I had an ants infection in my kitchen and this product saved my life
good but a bit pricy
one morning i got up and the whole kitchen was full of flying ants, hoovered most up and then went and bought this ant killer. put down and all ants gone. also ordinary ones coming in from outside , so put around the bottom of the walls and did the trick. could have got cheaper, but always had raid
No more ants!!
Did the job perfectly. Stopped ants entering the house. Easy to apply bottle so you can direct the powder exactly where you need it!
Works instantly
We had ants coming in The front door. As soon as I put this down the ants had gone with in a couple of hours. Easy to use and not messy with the powder in a bottle like this it’s easy to Apply
Great product
Perfect product. It does the job perfectly and it is at a good price.
Ants be gone!
Every year around spring I grab a bottle of this and sprinkle it around the entry ways into the house, works brilliantly at keeping them outside!
Ants, I hate them
We had Ants in our lounge, on the hearth, and they don't look nice at all, a leaf had fallen of my plant, and the ants carried it of, to where ever, that was enough for me, So we picked up some Raid, we put it righ by they were coming out of the hearth, within hours they disappeared, not had any this year so far. My fingers are crossed

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