PROPERCORN Chocolate Popcorn Multipack 6 x 15g

3.5 5 0 102 102 For Propercorn, taste is everything. Take this pack of Chocolate popcorn. Propercorn coat hand-popped, butterfly corn in a rich blend of Fairtrade cocoa and Demerara sugar for a sweet, chocolatey hit.
PROPERCORN Chocolate Popcorn Multipack 6 x 15g


Popcorn pack
Not a fan of these. Don't taste nice at all
Amazing popcorn
These are just gorgeous the propercorn chocolate and popcorn multipack of 6 x15g great value for money and enough for the whole family
Not a fan of chocolate application
Big fan of propercorn. Not a fan of this though, the cocoa coating just doesn't work, texture or taste wise. Agree with others would be better with melted choc. If these are first try of the brand, give other flavours a go. Sweet and salty are out of this world
Not too bad
Taste was ok but I probably wouldn’t buy it again. Far too sweet for me
Love it
PROPERCORN's Chocolate Popcorn Multipack is a delightful treat! The fusion of premium popcorn with a rich chocolatey coating creates a perfect balance of sweetness and crunch. Each pack is a guilt-free indulgence, with just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy cravings. The multipack is convenient for on-the-go snacking or sharing with friends. It's not just a snack; it's a tasty escape from the ordinary. I'm hooked on the addictive blend of flavors – a must-try for popcorn enthusiasts!
I like the flavour
I would prefer if the chocolate was real chocolate not the cocoa dusting flavouring, but still tasty!
Too much
These taste too much I love these but these are too much
Good flavour
I really like the chocolate flavour and it’s a little different to the popcorn I’m used to. I do like that it’s a powdery chocolate rather than chocolate coated but the powder does make it a little messy to eat
Tasty popcorn
Small little bags of chocolate popcorn, sweet and full of flavour
Delicious! The cocoa coating is divine. Perfect snack for chocoholics
Okay tasting
I thought these were covered in melted chocolate but when I opened them I was slightly disappointed as I found they were covered in cocoa powder, messy on the fingers and not the greatest tasting popcorn I have had but after a few I did not really enjoy them.
Did not like these. I find the chocolate with popcorn weird enough but powder popcorn even worse. Not for me. No taste, dry and powdery that left a coating in my mouth and an awful aftertaste
too messy
nice taste but didn't really like the powder over them that much in fact i could just melt some chocolate myself and dip the popcorn in it and it would have been better wouldn't buy again
Nice but messy
Nice taste but just covered in dusty chocolate powder which makes them messy and not as enjoyable
Messy Popcorn
Never seen this before so thought I'd give them a try. The chocolate comes off in the hands and found it rather messy. Not sure if I would by again

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