Original Source Hydrating Water Infusions Raspberry & Rose Water

4.7 5 0 283 283 At Original Source we’ve created Hydrating Water Infusions which capture the power of nature. Infused with fruits and flowers these hydrating body washes help keep your skin feeling healthy from the outside in. Containing 3x moisturisers and a vitamin and antioxidant blend, Hydrating Water Infusions are also paraben free. The perfect detox for your skin.
Original Source Hydrating Water Infusions Raspberry & Rose Water


Great smell
Nice and foamy and leaves me smelling great! Cannot complain
Source water infusions shower gel
Love this range from source, a combination of bathing qualities and my favourite smell. Foams nicely in your hand and leaves the skin soft and moisturised. Definitely recommend to others.
I’m absolutely OBSESSED with this Shower Gel !! It smells absolutely incredible, which also transfers onto my body leaving it smelling so good for many hours after my shower!! It has a rich, luxurious feel to it too & lathers up lovely. I love how affordable it is too, I’ve used a whole bottle in a week so will definitely be stocking up on this scent!!
My skin felt clean
Original Source's Hydrating Water Infusions in Raspberry & Rose Water is a sensory delight! The refreshing blend leaves my skin feeling invigorated and moisturized. The fruity raspberry notes combined with the subtle floral essence of rose water create a spa-like experience in my shower. The formula is gentle, making it perfect for daily use, and the hydrating benefits are noticeable. It's an affordable luxury that transforms my shower routine into a fragrant escape. I'm hooked on this revitalizing infusion – a must-try for anyone craving a burst of freshness!
Lovely smell
Great shower gel with a very lovely raspberry smell. Leaves me feeling clean and fresh. Always buy these, and theyre usually always on good offers
Wonderful scent
This has a great scent and lathers up lovely, it feels nice and refreshing in the shower. Smells so good and fresh, perfect moisturisation after showering too. Overall great product.
Lovely smell that lingers
This smells so nice and like all source shower gels, leaves you feeling super clean and fresh
Lovely clean
I know the picture is the wrong one but i have used the raspberry one and its so nice.The smell is just so amaxing and my skin smells aftwrwards as well.Original sorce is the best
Original Source Water Infusions
Original Source Water Infusions Raspberry and Rose Water Shower 250ml. This smells AMAZING!! Lathers up really well and washes lovely. This is one of my favourites now. So nice! I would definitely recommend to others to try and would also buy again!!
Body wash
This smell is definitely a plus plus, lathered really well using a bath scrub. Leaves skin feeling fresh and energetic
lovely product
The original source hydrating water infusions raspberry and rose water just smells so lovely and kind to my skin. i loved the refreshing feeling it left and was not harsh at all. this make has many different scents too.
Fruity and fresh
Texture is nice for a refreshing shower. The rose water leaves skin feeling healthy and the smell lasts. Not a foamy shower gel but still leaves you feeling clean.
Smells amazing
It lathered really well and left my skin feeling moisturised and smelling of raspberries and roses. A little goes a long way with this one. I think this is a firm favourite of mine.
Fruity roses
Most my shower gels are for dry or sensitive skin. This one is one of many. Lovely raspberry smell with a nice roses notes. These two scents goes together very well, leaves my skin moisturised. Feels like my skin is left with a little barrier of all good benefits of this shower gel, moist and smelling nice
A good shower gel
I bought this the other day and thought I would give a try . It's smells of fruits and flowers particularly raspberry it smells like to me and it left my skin feeling lovely and soft

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