KP Honey Roast Peanuts

4.9 5 0 206 206 Honey roast peanuts. 1-2-3 for a healthy balance 1. Eat Healthily. 2. Keep Active. 3. Enjoy The Taste.
KP Honey Roast Peanuts


The original snack
Often buy nuts and as a treat these are sweet and crunchy when your craving a non salty peanut. Reliably good and super tasty, they are the first to go when I open a few packets. Fabulous with a cool drink and just taste as you would want them to.
The best there is
These sre everything you want in a nut. Fab flavour between sweet and salty
Good quality and flavour
Love KP nuts. Always reliable quality and these are no different. Good flavour and a nice snack.
Great flavour
I love peanut. These tabs are great for Christmas. They last a while honey nut a great lovely flavour Also nuts are slightly better for you and all the chocolate recommended a great flavour
Christmas treat
Love these at Christmas time, very tasty and sweet. KP nuts in a tin are my all time favourite they stay fresher for longer in the tin rather than in a bag. Would highly recommend them.
Absolutely delicious
Love these simply the best delicious ever tasted .once tried you will not want to put them down . Extra benefit is that they are healthy too
Honey Roast Peanuts
KP Honey roasted peanuts are perfect snack on the go
Roasted Honey peanuts
My peanut is favourite snack added is honey with hint of salt.
Comfort Snack
Honey coated peanuts are perfect comfort snack for me
I bought these for Christmas and they did not disappoint. Not going to lie I almost finished the whole tin to myself. Would buy them again for sure.
Best nut around!
I bought these for Christmas as I do love nuts and wanted to try these and they did not disappoint could not stop eating them and I honestly finished the whole tin myself. Would buy them again for sure.
Amazing and traditional at Christmas, these mouthwatering, honey roast nuts are perfect any time of year. Great snack for movies - they're sweet, super nutty and balanced out with just the right amount of salt. The nuts themselves are also of top quality too - KP don't disappoint. Also love that they are such a treat yet high in fibre and a good source of protein rather than pure junk food full of nasties like so many other options. Lovely little reusable tins too!
Great buy at Christmas.
Got to love nuts at Xmas, it’s a tradition to buy these tins every year. I love the flavour although to many can be quite sickly. Overall great snack whilst binge watching the latest streaming programme at Christmas
Good Xmas stocking stuffer
This is a great Christmas stocking stuffer - the container looks good, and does a great job keeping the peanuts fresh. Well priced too.
Hard to stop
Oh my word, these nuts are delicious. They've got a lovely sweet coating on them, which is divine alongside the taste of the nuts. The nuts are also a good size. I only buy them occasionally though because once you start eating them, it's hard to stop. Also they're quite expensive for regular purchasing but amazing as a treat

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