MEGRHYTHM Steam Eye Mask Chamomile

4.6 5 0 31 31 Relieves and refreshes your tired eyes with the abundance of steam heat. The gentle steam envelopes your eyes and helps to relax your mood and brighten your eyes.
MEGRHYTHM Steam Eye Mask Chamomile


Quick and easy way to soothe tired eyes
I recently tried the MEGRHYTHM Steam Eye Mask Chamomile and I have to say, I was really impressed. The mask is made of a soft and comfortable material that feels great on the skin. It's also very easy to use – all you have to do is open it then apply it to your eyes and secure over your ears. The chamomile scent is very calming and relaxing, and I found that the steam from the mask helped to soothe my tired eyes and reduce puffiness. I also appreciated that the mask stays warm for a decent amount of time, so you can really sit back and relax (or fall asleep) while using it. Overall, I would highly recommend the MEGRHYTHM Steam Eye Mask Chamomile to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to relax and soothe tired eyes. It's a great product at a reasonable price, and I will definitely be using it again in the future!
fairly relaxing
this innovative eye mask is relaxing and love the lavender scent (comes in other scents/unscented as well). was afraid that it would boil my eyeballs but the warmth is just right.
Great for puffy, tired eyes
Love to pop this mask on when my eyes are tired and puffy. The warmth is really comforting and this mask is easy to put on as well. It does not slip off but just wish the warming sensation lasted a bit longer.
Fresh look
Fresh pair of eyes with steam eye mask application. This is like a speedy facial treatment at your own comfort place and time. Highly recommended for quick fix
Love these eye masks (lavender)
have been using this like forever! bought them first when i was in japan for my tired eyes during travelling and it works wonder and have been using these masks since. soothing to the eyes and help to relax your eyes muscles for a good night sleep. the lavender smell helps to sooth the senses as well. recently stocked up during GSS
Temporary Steam Eye Mask
I had tried different scents of this product but I can conclude that it does not really help. I only feel a little warm on both eyes and that's all. Not really helping to relax.
smelt good and relaxing
love that the product heats up gradually upon covering my eyes. It's not heavy so I can still breathe easily. My favourite is still the scent which helps me to fall asleep slightly easier
The ultimate relaxation
This feels like such a treat after long hours of staring at screens all day long. I can really feel myself relax and let go of my worries when using this mask. Love it!
Easy, simple to use
Bought this over the watsons off the shelves counter. Price is abit costly for a few pieces within the package. Tested and tried on myself 2x, found my eyes to be more vibrant & refreshing after using them each time. Smells nice due to the light soothing chamomile fragrance. Almost instantly heats up the moment you open the sealed package. Will continue to buy again if there’s promo in future. Also tried other fragrances like lavender & yuzu ones too. All via personal purchases & not sponsored or giveaways.
Sparking eyes
After long days at work, this eye mask gives me a quick therapy without going to any facial parlour. Intense heat on the mask helps my tired eyes to quickly rejenuvate and circulate the blood flow around it. Totally my bring along item when I travel too!
Relaxation after a long day
I used to use this when I was pregnant and after a long day I just feel so tired but this mask helps to alleviate my exhaustion. I will use it everyday before I sleep and it helps me to have a good sleep. Now I use it whenever I have a long day at work.
Lavender scented eye mask
Love it especially before u go to bed. It make u feel so therapeutic and relax.
once opened, magic comes in
love the heat of it and how it helps to counter insomnia for me
Aroma steam eye mask
Warm sensation started when put in on along with chamomile scent. Warm up instantly on eye lids. Feeling like the same eye mask when doing aromatherapy spa. Comfortable eye rest after 20mins masking. Good to use it weekly after long work infront of PC screen. I always bring one along during my travel trip.
Total relaxation
The heat therapy is just so soothing and comfortable. Without realising, I dozed off and the tiredness of my eyes seems to just fade away.

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