Anessa Perfect Uv Sunscreen - Skincare Milk (SPF 50)

5 5 0 1 1 ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen skincare milk not only blocks the ultraviolet light, but also provides effective skin care power! Formulated with Triple Defense Technology that strengthen the UV protection veil with heat,sweat and water. Also, it incorporates 50% beauty ingredients, which immediately infuses the skin with moisture and repairs. The texture is gentle and comfortable.
Anessa Perfect Uv Sunscreen - Skincare Milk (SPF 50)


It is indeed a prefect sunscreen milk
Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk with SPF50+, and PA++++ is my secret for supple skin. After using it for half a year, my face has stopped having breakouts (used to have breakouts), and my skin has restored it's brightness and fairness. My face is now full of moisture and so smooth! I believe the improvement is due to its specialty in locking the moisture and repairing the skin cells. Added to this, I think everyone will love its good smell which is just a subtle fragrance. Its texture is also very light which you feel you wearing nothing on your face. I used Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen skincare milk as my daily sunscreen and I feel it equipped me a good mood to start my day! Though it is a bit pricey compared with some other sunscreen products in drug stores, but I feel it is actually value for money. I strongly recommend this product as a daily sunscreen.

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