Calamansi Ade Pomegranate

5 5 0 21 21 This bold twist on traditional lemonade is a combination of sweet and tart Filipino citrus with vibrant pomegranate.
Calamansi Ade Pomegranate


Calamansi + Pomegranate
I wasn't expecting it to taste so good because it's a healthy drink. I got hooked with this drink for almost a week and finished two bottles myself. The calamansi balanced really well with the pomegranate. It's a great substitute for sodas because it tastes good and it has a lot of nourishing ingredients.
Worth it to Buy
Balanced lang ang Calamansi and Pomegranate flavor niya❤️ Sulit siyang bilhin kasi aside from its good taste, meron pang nutrients na dala! Super love this!!😍😍
Rich in vitamin c. For those who are looking for calamansi flavoured drink it is the best👍🏻 If you will give this to your kids after meal yes it is really refreshing
Taste good calamansi
It was a friend who introduces me to this drink. At first, I was hesitant since I'm not sure if I will like the taste. But, it was really good and the Calamansi really blend well with Pomegranate. Refreshing and healthy, indeed!
Healthy Drink
This is one of my favorite drink as we now that calamansi have good benefits to our body it keeps or body hydrated. This drink is so tasty and delicious that is why I would like to recommend this drink
so yummy!!!!
may favorite calamansi is here!!! thank you for this product
Love this lemonade
I love so much a pomegranate flavor taste sweet for me so just want to have this one and try its benefits and the lemonade citrus it have...
I love the taste. Taste delicious and refreshing ang Calamansi Ade Pomegranate Juice! It''s all-natural, and what I love is the great amount of vitamin C. It's so healthy I love it!!!
The first time i taste this i love the taste its look like fresh juice <3
good product
good product i am allredy used this product nyc por

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