Wattie's Mexican Mild Chilli Beans

4.8 5 0 42 42 To create NZ's top selling chilli beans they add nourishing kidney beans to a thick and rich blend of tomatoes, capsicum, onion and chilli powder. The delicious mild flavour is suitable for the whole family. No added colours, flavours or preservatives
Wattie's Mexican Mild Chilli Beans


Quick and easy nachoes are a breeze
Wednesday night is usually nacho night, and with these beans, it has never been quicker or easier. A can of this, some mince and onion, a little bit of pasta sauce, and you're done. Delicious. As a family somewhat adverse to spice, it's nice to find something quick and easy to use that adds just enough of a kick to improve a meal (ironic that it's Watties, which usually overspices everything). I really like that Watties have three varieties of this too, mild, medium, and hot.
made good chilli
easy to make chilli with this, just add this into mince. I usually mix both mild and spicy to get the best flavour and balance of spice
Go to chilli bean
I like this product... beans are such a great protein to add to a meal and it tastes great.
Lots of flavour
This is always my go to when I make nachos. Full of flavour and easy to add with a tin of tomatoes, quick and easy.
Really good, no overpowering chilli flavour
As a vegetarian, I eat a lot of things like this. Too much chilli drowns out the taste of everything else, but this has just enough to give it a lift but not overpower.
Great beans
Everytime I make nachos I put these on my mince , beans cook to soft, spicy but not to hot , nice flavour
Great product
Love this, the Medium & the hot so good in Nachos, or any other Mexican dish
Great for kids
These have a great flavour and are nice and mild. My children love them as a nacho dish.
best beans for nachos
I love these beans they are food on there own or added to a dish like chilli con carne or nachos they go great in nachos, no improvements they are a great things to add to dishes
The Watties Chilli Beans range are a great pantry staple - our family preference being ‘hot’ spice. A versatile product that works well in all dishes, be it with or without meat.
great pick
love using this product in nachos as it has the beans and a great sauce which has a great amount of spice to it.
Massive flavour
I always have cans of this in my pantry - great to flesh out a mince dish or use on its own to top potatoes. Add some cheese and use as a nacho dip.
Chilli beans
The hot ones are the best, these are great! They make great nachos and are also a great in a breakfast wrap 😇
great pick
we always get this brand as it has the great healthy beans and also a sauce with a great amount of spice.my 6year old even loves to eat them.
A perfect weekly buy
This is a must staple item to make your meals pop with extra flavor. A nice mild taste that has a very subtle amount of heat. You can have this alone or mixed in with other food. You can have beans on toast, toasted sandwich, added to a nacho mix, a meat free nacho, in a pie, the options are endless. The packaging is eye catching and has a pull tab lid. When buying these products, please double check what heat you're wanting. It's easy to get the wrong one (like the Hot)

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