Redoxon Triple Action Effervescent Orange 45’s

4.8 5 0 118 118 Guard up your immune system against harmful viruses and keep vitamin C as your trusty best friend! Suitable for adults and children over 12 years old, dissolve 1 tablet per day in a glass of water.
Redoxon Triple Action Effervescent Orange 45’s


The best dissolve vitamin c
1 tablet enough for 1 day, high percentage of vitamin c.easy to purchase, most of the pharmacy have it. Consider cheap when buy it during the sale. I can see the improvement after using it, not fatigue anymore and seldom get fever after take it
I took it when I felt sick or flu coming, it does help me prevent my sickness getting worst after I consume. It is also convenient to consume as sometimes sore throat make me hard to swallow pills, vitamin c soluble in water would be better choice. Just the flavor is abit sweet for me, others is perfect
Good taste but a bit of sour
I tried this product. I taken 2 tablets a day especially when I felt like wanna to get sick. It will increase my immunity. The taste of the drink is a bit sour for me.
Gain Instant Energy
We have been using this product from a long time now. It was recommended by a chemist. I take it when I sweat alot, my mother in law who is in her 80’s takes it when she feels dizzy and my son when he has a sweaty day at school. All of us gets instant energized. We also keep it with us on hot days as it’s very effective.
Best Daily Immune Booster
Started using this product ever since the pandemic, helped me a lot to combat any kind of fatigue and lethargic. Even until this day I still use it every night as a routine, although I wish it has a different flavour but nevertheless it is still a highly recommended product.
Redoxon triple action - orange
Yummy. Look forward to getting my vitamin c daily. Just drop it into a glass of water and drink. Love the taste.
vitamin CCCCC
is convenience to having a cup of vitamin c we need everyday.
My go-to immune booster
Whenever I'm down with the flu, or feeling lethargic and lack of energy, Redoxon is my choice of immunity support! Not too gassy which I like, and the orange flavor isn't too artificial and level of sweetness is just right
Taste Great
The taste is overall not too sweet which i like it.
Redoxon Triple Action Effervescent
Vitamin yang sangat bagus... memberi tenaga dan kesegaran sepanjang hari. Harga yang berpatutan. Rasa pun sedap sangat. Bukan itu saja, kulit pun jadi lebih segar & licin.
Vitamin yang sgt berbaloi
Vitamin yang sangat berbaloi untuk seisi keluarga,mudah didapati dan rasanya yang sedap.
Good good good
Highly recommended. Vitamin yang sangat bagus untuk saya & suami. Sentiasa repeat & sentiasa ada stock kat rumah
Vitamin Yang Bagus
Vitamin yang bagus untuk saya dan suami macam jadi keperluan kerana sentiasa ada stock di rumah.
Me consume this product since 2021. Very easy to consume and the taste is very nice. The packaging makes it very easy to bring anyway and can be consume anytime anywhere.Great to boost immunity..
Triple Action. Satu serving boleh dapat vitamin C, D and Zinc. Berbaloi.

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