Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Large

4.7 5 0 165 165 Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty scrub pads come with more minerals & coarser fibre to remove tough stains. Built in for easy stain removal of the sturdy tava, messy kadai and stained cooker. • Tough cleaning - Tawa & Kadai • Stain Removal • Does not hurt your hands
Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Large


Nice one
Good product but quality is deteriorating with time
Amazing product
I am using this product almost 3 years I am satisfied with this you can but this and get the clean utensils it cleans very easily I just loved it .I personally recommend this for you guys .
Good brand,good quality for sure
I’m using it almost for a year. Good quality,gets the job done
wow it is too good
wow it is too good and quality also comparing others too good
Scotch Brite is awesome product it cleanse very nicely✨✨✨✨✨
Scotch brite is excellent is very useful for daily use .
More than excellent
I am really very happy to buy this product and I am so excited by the by seeing the packaging of a product thanks a lot home tester club selling medicine product I would recommend this to you all guys this by this product
Yes it's a good product
Just aswome products. I used this product. It's better than any other products
About its product
I also use this product is not harsh on hands rather left it smmooth…its antibacterial it's really so useful as compare to other product
This is also one of my favorite scrub.its super strong and removes the stains very properly .its long lasting and easy to use.
Okay product
Good to use but wears off soon. However, better local scrubbers exist.
Good product.
I like this product is very good product.. it is India no one product.. It is Best people product..
Good but wears off soon
Good product but wears off soon nd isn't as good as the good old stainless steel wool
Review of scotch brite
Like its name it really make geesy utensils shiny. Effective product in it's own way.
Great scrub pad
One of the best scrub. It cleans utensils so nicely. feels hard for the first time. but becomes soft after day to day usage. The scrub is really good and easy to clean as well.

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