Friandises pour Chiens Dinde Déshydratée Open Farm

4,9 5 0 48 48 Fabriqué avec de la viande élevée dans le respect des animaux, et déshydratée à basse température pour former une gâterie saine et savoureuse.
Friandises pour Chiens Dinde Déshydratée Open Farm


dog loves them
our dog loves this product. Would buy again for our dog.
For all the picky eaters
My picky husky will not eat unless I sprinkle these Open Farm treats on her food! Cannot wait to try out their other flavours!
Excellent treat!
My puppy Pepper loved these! They are great as a treat and to use in potty training. It isn't too hard to find a treat that he likes but he really seemed to enjoy these. I like that it is free from a lot of fillers that your puppy shouldn't really have. Would recommend this, especially to all new puppy owners!
A delicious treat
My dog loves these treats. They were great and adorable for me and I can definitely see me buying these in the future and giving them to all the other dog owners I know in the area.
The Best for my dog
open farm is one of the best quality dog food brands you can find. It has definitely changed my dog for the better
Natural and Good
My dogs go CRAZY over these treats and the best part is... They are HEALTHY treats!! I find it so hard to find nutritious dog treats without ingredients that could harm your dog in the long run! I would highly recommend to any dog owners
Great treats
Amazing to add to your dogs food to give it a little more nutrition and fun. They are great to for a easy training treat it is light in weight. Love this product would highly recommend it if never tried.
Mon chien adore ces friandises. Ils sont sains, de qualité et abordables.
Open Farm Dehydrated Turkey Dog Treats What is a surprising hit for our giant dog. Absolutely gobbled up these dehydrated turkey dog treats and felt good about giving them to him. Got these as a free sample would love to try other flavours and varieties from this brand so we’re gonna have to check the pet store to see if they carry it. Would recommend.
Good treat for dogs
Open farm products get my seal of approval for my dog. This turkey treat get my dog’s tail wagging.
My dog love this!
I love finding a healthy treat my dog enjoys and this is definitely one of them.
Good for allergy dogs
My dog has lots of allergies so single ingredient treats like these are always great so he can still have treats without the consequences plus their ethically sourced and a trustworthy brand.
Great product
I bought this for a friends dog and he loved them. He pretty much tried to eat the entire bag in one go
My pug goes crazy for those
I love how simple those treats are. Simple does not mean not good, my pug goes crazy over those; jumping as soon as I get the bag out. I even give those to my cat (I break them down first) and she loves them too! A great treat that both my animals can enjoy together.
my dog ​​loves it
My dog ​​loves these treats. They are healthy, quality and affordable.


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