Becel® with Avocado Oil

4.6 5 0 377 377 Made with the goodness of avocado oil and free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colours.
Becel® with Avocado Oil


The Best Ever Tasting Margarine
Becel has a creamy buttery taste and non greasy texture that I love on all kinds of breads and other staples. I enjoy the mild taste of avocado oils and the great health benefits it offers.
A sure must have!
Becel with avocado oil is enriched with the natural ingredients and no artificial flavours. Spreads easily and smoothly on the toasts and bread - giving it a smooth , buttery taste. Its taste is so heavenly that it melts in the mouth. Without doubt you will crave for more. A sure must have for a healthy and natural taste.
Margarine goûteuse, particulièrement appréciée dans les sandwiches
Great product
Great taste and very healthy. Unfortunately I only buy when on sale
Dependable Product
We have been using this product for years and it is always good and is quite healthy.
Great quality
I’ve been using nothing but Becel for the past 10 years now, my family loves it. It has a nice smooth buttery taste and melts beautifully on my fresh breads, I’m just in love with Becel.
Texture parfaite
Texture parfaite. Goût très similaire à la version à l'huile d'olive.
Becel is outstanding, was recommended by our doctor for healthy heart, been using ever since, just love it, tastes great
7:40 pm
A delicious healthy alternative to traditional margarine or butter.
Great tasting, easy application
When shopping for margarines I do try and get the healthier kinds as long as the price point isn’t much higher if at all. I usually buy becel and was really happy I did. Sooo delicious you can’t tell it’s better for you. Highly recommend!!
Very good
good product, less fat, good taste, easy to spread
Excellent Product
Becel products have a smooth flavour that can be used for baking, vegetables and delicious on bread products. I have used Becel as a substitute for butter in many recipes , turned out excellent.
Must have!!
Its very healthy. I am in love with it along with my family.
I absolutely love this margarine! It’s delicious, healthy, and my family loves it. What more could I possibly ask?
Seems healthier!
It doesnt taste any different than most margarines, but the ingredients say it’s healthier! It’s super soft and easy to spread. I only buy this margarine because it’s avacado oil. I like to believe it’s a healthier option!

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