Invisible Zinc SPF 50+ 4HR Water Resistant Lotion

4.2 5 0 39 39 Invisible Zinc is a physical sunscreen range that contains Zinc Oxide as the only active ingredient, providing a barrier to reflect harmful UVA + UVB radiation away. This product provides 4 hour water resistant protection suitable for family, sport and active use.
Invisible Zinc SPF 50+ 4HR Water Resistant Lotion


Invisible Water Resistant
I recently tried Invisible Zinc SPF 50+ 4HR Water Resistant Lotion, and it quickly became my go-to sunscreen for extended sun exposure. This lotion offers excellent sun protection while being gentle on the skin. It provides up to 4 hours of water resistance, making it perfect for outdoor activities and swimming. I found that it stayed on my skin even after being in the water, providing continuous protection against the sun. I have not experienced any skin irritations or allergic reactions with this lotion, which gives me confidence in its safety.
Thick consistency
I love this product, it is incredibly thick and heavy which makes me feel like it is actually working well. UVA/UVB which is essential. Great product from a fabulous trustworthy brand!
Red heads
My children are both red heads. So sunscreen is something we have by the bucket load. This product spreads easily and lasts. My children are water babies and it’s super hard to get them out to reapply. But it’s not needed with this product as it doesn’t come off in the water. Love it!
Very good sunscreen
It is good Heavy Protect well from UVLight. Happy to have it
Best there is
Only sunscreen I use on my boys who have fair skin. Its thicker than any other sunscreen. Stays on longer and doesn't wipe off easily when the boys are wiping water from their eyes while swimming or putting their goggles/snorkel etc on and off.
Does the job
Overall, this sunscreen did the job by providing good sun protection to me and my family. I did find it thicker than other brands, however still got a good application to our skin. No reactions from little ones. Did leave us a bit "whiter" than normal. I will happily use again and continue to purchase.
not bad
The sun protection was great however it did leave a white cast on my skin and was a little hard to rub in, especially when already covered in sand at the beach.
Too thick
I really wanted to like this product as I like the idea of using a zinc that gives me good sun protection but is suitable for everyday use. Unfortunately, found this a bit thick and not easy to apply.
Thick and hard to apply
I am on the hunt for affordable physical sunscreen so I could replace my current chemical one. I've decided to give the Invisible zinc a go, but was disappointed from the very 1st try. It is so thick and hard to apply evenly on the skin, I've literally spent several minutes trying to rub it in and spread it out without much luck. Plus it leaves a white overcast on your skin which is not possible to hide even with a full coverage foundation. Had to throw the full tube away. Big disappointment, would not buy again.
A bit difficult to apply
I purchased this sunscreen as it contains natural sun protection with zinc oxide, and is ideal for more sensitive skin types. It’s a little pricey in comparison to some other similar products. I find the texture quite thick and heavy, therefore it takes about of effect to apply it evenly and for it to fully absorb. It can also feel quite greasy on my skin and leave a white residue. However, it does provide very good sun protection if you prefer a heavier sunscreen.
Not for me
I was disappointed with this product as it was way too thick for me and it felt greasy on my skin. Not only that but it was really difficult to apply.
Too thick for my skin
Wasnt what I was expecting. It was too thick and makeup would not sit well on it not like it says it would. Wasnt happy with purchase at all
Brilliant coverage
The sunscreen is the best we've tried. I've never been burnt using this sunscreen and it's not greasy. My acne prone son doesn't have issues with break outs after using it day to day. I like the pump top as it gives you the right amount without over dosing and is small enough to fit into a swimming bag but big enough to cover the whole family.
The absolute best thing for the beach
This product rubs into my face so well and doesn’t effect my sensitive skin. I’ve never gotten burnt while having this product on. I will never buy a different brand ever again I will continue to buy this product.
Works well, old school sunblock
My son has sensitive skin so we've been trying this with good results it's essentially an older style zinc sunscreen than the more chemical ones these days that absorb in. That being said there is nothing "invisible" about it, it leaves a white residue on the skin and requires a good scrub to get it off in the shower. Personally I'd use something else but it has a place for people that need or prefer that style.

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