Birds Eye Steam Fresh Corn Cobettes

4.8 5 0 48 48 Nutritious steamed corn cobettes ready in minutes. Serves 4.
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Corn Cobettes


Birds Eye Steam Fresh Corn Cobettes
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Corn Cobettes are the perfect solution for enjoying sweet, juicy corn with minimal effort. These convenient cobettes bring the farm-fresh taste of corn directly to your table, making mealtime preparation a breeze. Packed with natural sweetness and flavour, each cobette is carefully selected and harvested at the peak of freshness. With Birds Eye's innovative steam-fresh technology, these corn cobettes are quick and easy to prepare, requiring just a few minutes in the microwave for a perfectly cooked result every time.
Great frozen corn
I love these frozen corns. They are already cut into small bite size pieces and are cleaned. Easy to cook and tastes very yummy. Kids love them. Great sides for a BBQ or for dinner.
Great for dinner
These are perfect as a side for dinner, the size is great.
Quick and easy
Quick and easy option to add to dinner. Perfect portioned sizes are very helpful too
Sweet Tasting Corn
I found this brand of corn to be so sweet and fresh tasting even after being frozen. They are easy to cook, come in a good size pack and are available at all large supermarkets. This is a family favourite and I always have a pack in the freezer to add onto meals.
Had to buy these as there was no other corn available. Very happy with the quality and size. Still buy when I see it on special as full price is still a little too expensive for our budget
Quick snack corn
Easy to heat up in a pot makes a great snack or as accompaniment to main meal
great choice
Love to cook these veggies as part of a balanced dinner for my family. really versatile and compliments lots of meals you would want for the family
Childhood favourite!
As a kid we used to have corn every Friday night and we recently tried this brand. Super juicy and sweet so there was no need to add plenty of butter.
So sweet and juicy
So easy only need to put in microwave, quickly and easy side dish to cook. Corn is very sweet and juicy.
Tasty and moist
Have been buying these corn cobettes (love the name) for quite some time and they are just so handy to have in the freezer. They are moist and tasty and the size of the cobettes is perfect to add to a meal.
With the price of produce through the roof I gave these microwave corn a go. They are quick and super juicy. The great thing is they are always at hand in the freezer and prefer steaming corn than boiling.
Quick alternative
I generally prefer fresh produce but I tried this previously and it was a positive surprise. I found these cobettes sweeter and juicier than expected. It is definitely a good alternative on those days when you have little time to cook yet you still want vegetables on your plate.
Best corn cobettes
I love this in every meal that I cook. They are so full of flavour and so juicy. I usually keep a pack of these in the freezer.
Australian grown corn
Birds Eye does some great frozen vegetables. These corn cobettes are so quick to cook up in the microwave. Super sweet and juicy Australian grown corn.

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